Beauty Product Reviews

It has its ups and downs...

I like how it's leveling. It levels out glitters and dents in the polish, even if I touch the top coat before it's done drying, the dent will fill in again. The smell is a bit much, especially to someone who is sensitive to chemicals. I've noticed if I don't coat the whole nail in the top coat, there is a line. One thing that bugs me also, is how it starts getting goopy before I've finished the bottle. And I paint my nails often so the top coat doesn't sit around unused for weeks on end. It has its reasons for being hyped about, then it had its setbacks. It was awesome when it was new though.

This is not meant for human hair.

Despite all the hype, it is called Mane&Tail and has a picture of horses on it, because it is meant for horse hair and horse hair only. Everyone thinks it works because overtime, there is a build up of wax, weighing down the hair giving the appearance of longer, thicker hair. I've never used this myself but I've done research on this and heard from those who have used it. The damage is far worse than the damaged hair people start with. So please, do not use this product unless you are a horse.

Wonderful, seductive scent.

I tried this in the store and fell. in. love! with this perfume. The only word that comes to mind with this scent is seductive. It is definitely worth the price.

I tried this at Ulta just because I've never tried a setting spray and 8 hours later my makeup did not budge. It's pricey so I don't ever plan on buying it but I'd say it's completely worth it.

It is okay. Not my favorite in the world. It applies perfectly at the bottom of my nail and as I sweep towards the tip, it just stops painting. Other than that, it only take a couple of coats, dries relatively quick. I don't like how easily it chips though.

Oh I loved these things!! I'm happy to know Ulta still has them. They smelled soooo good. For a few days at least. Then the smell would start to wear off. Even after a few days, you could still slightly smell it. It's just the strongest within the first 30 hrs of applying it.

It's okay. It's cheap. When I first got it, it was kind of runny and applied sloppy. Then it applied perfectly for one nail and then it started to get thick. So it works perfectly once and then gets thick. I only had it for less than a month before it got thick.

It's a pretty color. Goes on nicely. I only need two coats to get a nice, even opaque color. I didn't notice any chipping. It wears pretty well. Even without topcoat.

It's alright

It's definitely not the best polish in the world but it's not bad either. It goes on okay, does chip easily though, but for the price, you can't expect much.

It's okay. It serves its purpose. I'm not sure if removers are suppose to get 100% of makeup off or if there will always be some left over. That's the case with this one. It take 97% off and when I get out of the shower, leftover mascara is under my eyes. It also smells like wet paper towels. Though rough brown ones you get at school. But to be honest, I wouldn't want fruit smelly products near my eyes.

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