Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion


Bry R.

It's okay. It serves its purpose. I'm not sure if removers are suppose to get 100% of makeup off or if there will always be some left over. That's the case with this one. It take 97% off and when I get out of the shower, leftover mascara is under my eyes. It also smells like wet paper towels. Though rough brown ones you get at school. But to be honest, I wouldn't want fruit smelly products near my eyes.

Misty C.

As my mom use to sell avon I got this product to try out for her Avon parties as an example. Also as a model I wear pretty heavy make-up a lot of them time. This does remove make-up but I feel like it leaves a very weird feeling afterwards. Makes me feel sticky. And burns like all He double ll if you get it in your eyes.

Jen S.

I love how it doesn't irate my skin or make my face dry/itchy. I don't have to scrub and scrub to get my eye make-up off. It lasted me a really long time as well. It is a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend this product.

Tessandra R.
I Adore It!!!

It's one of the best makeup removers I have found. All of the ones I previously tried either irritated my skin and eyes, or left the area around my eyes extremely dry. But this does neither! It removes the makeup easily without me having to scrub it off, and it moisturizes the skin around my eyes. I will definitely be repurchasing, and I definitely recommend this product! :)

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Heather I.
not bad

I like and use this. I like the lotion consistency and it doesn't irritate my skin. Only, it's not the greatest for removing waterproof makeup. For the price though, it's great.

Jessica P.
Got this on a whim but really like it

I own this product I originally purchased it cause it was on sale for.99 cents and I love it...the only thing I find is don't follow the directions it says to apply it to the lid and rub in which I do but it then says to take a damp cotton ball and remove which I don't do Tully last step...I use a dry cotton ball to get almost everything removed then I take a damp cotton ball to finish

Andrea B.
I sold Avon & I didn't like it

I bought a bunch of these cause they were under $1 on sale one time and I needed makeup remover anyways. I don't like this at all. It's a lotion consistency which is cool, it's different but massaging it into my eyes it irritated my eyes a bit and I felt it wasn't really getting all the makeup off. It got most of it but my mascara it would hardly touch. I even tried it twice and nope. Still use my coconut oil.

Hannah S.
Best eye makeup remover ever!

Works on even waterproof eye makeup! Best ever! Plus it's very affordable! I always stock up on these! Doesn't irritate my eyes! This stuff is perfect! Me, my mom, and both of my sisters have been using this for years! Definitely a great purchase!

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Jamie D.
Perfection in a bottle...

I have used so many makeup removers and hated all of them, they were either so oily and greasy and left a film over my eye area or didn't take off my makeup at all or worst off all stung my eyes and left them burning and dry. Then I tried this miracle cream and fell in love, its a lotion consistency and it removes all my eye makeup without hurting my eyes at all!! It's not oily at all and actually feels so nice against my delicate eye area. I won't use anything else :) Bonus its only like $4-5 a bottle and lasts forever.... Perfection!

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Elizabeth C.
One of the best makeup removers

This remover is very creamy and non eye irritating. It breaks down the make up quickly and easily wipes off. No sticky or greasy residue. Removes completely with a warm wash cloth. The price is great and a little goes a long way!