Pure Poison Eau de Parfum


Leonie K.
Staple that never disappoints

I wear this day or night. It lasts well and is super alluring. Dior make fabulous perfumes that last and last. Pure Poison is both floral and musky. It mixes well with my body chemistry. Some other perfume brands make my nose bleed, true! Other brands just do nothing, it's like they disappear on my skin. Expensive but a bottle lasts a long, long time.

Bry R.
Wonderful, seductive scent.

I tried this in the store and fell. in. love! with this perfume. The only word that comes to mind with this scent is seductive. It is definitely worth the price.

Julia K.
In love !

I absolutely love dior perfumes in general. But since i bought this one, i have a new favourite fragrance. It gives me an elegant, ladylike feeling and a little bit of extravagance, which i love. Its a floral scent, with some musky-mysterious undertones in it. Classy with a little bit of sassy!

Rachel H.

The only perfume that I go back to time and time again. The scent is fabulous, it lasts all day and I genuinely can't fault it. I honestly have not found a perfume that has been able to match this yet, there's something so alluring and beautiful about the scent. Beaut. Plus you can never go wrong with Dior packaging.

Ish K.

I have to say it was difficult to find it here!, but finally I got it and I loved it. The scent is so sexy and catchy, and it lasts long. Really love it.

Icequeen v.

I have this fragrance at home is my favorite. Is just so sexy and mysterious, has a mystique bottle. is a fragrance i can recognize if somebody is wearing it and i dont know the person.

Natalia W.
luxurious scent

pricey but worth every penny.it has very unique scent but not overpowering.suitable for special occasions,night time occasions..if u wear it everyone will know u wear a pricey parfumes.:-) pure poison will poisoning ur mind to buy it

Anne F.
Very sexy, a little powerful for everyday.

I love the way this smells. It's a gorgeous scent, very sexy, but I honestly find it too heavy for daily wear. I wear it for special occasions and occasionally for dates, ;). However, I don't think I'm ever going to repurchase this since I don't wear it everyday. I've been on the same bottle for four years now, it still smells just as good as the day I bought it.