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Mane 'n Tail

Original Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo


Kaylee P.
I live this

I use this shampoo almost eberytime I wash my hair and I adore it! I love the way it smells and how clean it makes my hair feel. My hair doesn't get greasy very fast when I use this. I feel like it gets my haur cleaner than anything else I've ever used. I have used it for about six months and have seem alot Olof growth as well.

lexi g.
this was amazing!

my hair is naturaly curly and frizzy , when I used this , washed it out and let it air dry , it came out as these shiny loose curls! I absaloutly LOVE this . definitely recommend

madison p.
This is my life ??

I love this product. I have naturally oily hair and its very thick. Its hard to find shampoos that dont make my hair greasy. This shampoo is amazing on my hair and i cant live without it. Horse hair shampoo is bae!!!!!!!

Arissa P.
It's perfect!

It's very gentle on hair, it's awesome on long hair, and if you want to grow out long hair. It leaves your hair super soft and smooth and easy to detangle hair after use. Awesome for damaged hair that needs repair, try it for yourself and you will see the difference in your hair.

taelor h.

I use heat on my hair every single day because it is very thick and curly naturally, before this shampoo &conditioner, my hair was seriously dying. I Absoutely love this, I would recommend it to ANYBODDY. there is no such thing as miracle hair growth, but if you keep it healthy it'll grow faster, this...sure does the job. I had cut my hair to my collar bone six months ago, now it's mid back. ilove this stuff.

Erra I.

I love this! when I used this, my hair looked so healthy, so shiny, It even grew long and thick. The ends of my hair were damaged, and it was just hard coarse hair. ( I was always in the sun, at the beach alot) but after using this, It helped my hair a lot. It was softer, and beautiful. It was restored. -also... If your looking for growth in your hair and healthyness you should use "Panteens Beautiful Lengths" It works amazing!

Heather O.
Horses & us!

Me & my mom use this on our hair, and our horses! It helps our hair, and there tail grow long and thick(: it smells pretty good, and you can leave the conditioner in if you want ! ! ! !

Myrna P.
Works for me

I have thick curly hair and in the process of growing. I have to say I do see a difference-seems like my hair is growing faster than it normally does & a lot stronger. Of course diet and drinking lots of water helps as well. I use both Shampoo & Conditioner.

Fernanda I.
It really works

I've been using it for almost three months and trust me, I can see the difference, my hair has grown about 3cm per month, my only complaint is that if you use it daily it tends to leave your hair a little bit dry so I try to alternate with an organix shampoo to keep it hydrated.

Mya Z.
Conflicted love

I love this stuff. It is kind of a silly shampoo, it smells alright, and it makes your hair feel voluminous and thick. My conflicted part is because of all the chemicals in it. I would use this all the time if I didn't know what the chemicals in it can do to my hair. Once in a while I'll sneak a bottle into the shower for old times sake. Absolutely adore if you're going for look, absolutely sad if you're looking for hair health. It's all up to you 😊