Beauty Product Reviews

Easy and lasts all day

Love how easy it is to apply and how long it lasts. It can be sued on cheeks or lips and looks no natural. Blending it can be a little difficult if u have powder on. It is the consistency of water so it seems to absorb into your skin.

Great coverage with light feel

I had originally wanted the Double Wear but after trying both I decided on the light. It had great coverage with great staying power but still feels light. This is my favorite foundation and I use it everyday.

Lots of colors, and very pigmented

e.l.f is always having sales so try to purchase one then. It had a great range of colors and they are all very pigmented. I dont use them everyday but its perfect for when you want to create a funky, colorful look. There are also great colors for every day look. Great price for beginners looking to practice and not spend alot of money.

Waste of money

At first it worked well, after a day or so I couldn't smell anything anymore, even after putting more of the scented oil. Im glad I got it on sale. Your better of getting the oil warmer and tea light candles.

Cant go wrong

Love this product. I use it as a deep treatment, conditioner, and a leave in conditioner. Its cheap , it works! And bottle that dispenses from the bottom is great! It lets you use every last drop.

Doesnt do much of anything

I bought this last year and only used it a few times. It doesnt do much of anything other then make me look white. Its an ok product to matify your skin but I wouldn't keep layering it because it might cause your makeup to cake. I think it was only $3 so it was worth a try but its definitely not something I would recommend. The only pro's I have about this product is that it comes in a sleek cute compact with a great mirror.

Hydrates and conditions but very expensive

Unlike the Cleansing Conditioner I stopped using after 2 weeks, I actually like this product. I put a little bit on my ends after every shower kind of like a leave in conditioner. It doesnt weight down my hair or make it dull. It is expensive and only comes in a small container and thats the only reason I gave it 3 out of 5 stars. After I run out I will not be repurchasing it because of the price not because it doesnt work.

Loved at first, hated after 2nd week

I LOVED this product at first. By the second week I had to stop using it because my hair was weighed down and dull looking. It wasnt stripping the moisture from my hair but it also wasnt cleaning it! It may be healthy for your hair but after a while you hair feels dirty. I have thin hair so this was a very big problem for me. Its also very expensive and requires you to use a VERY large amount of product each time.

Use it everyday

I use this brush every day to blend in all my makeup. Its cheap, cute, its made well and it works. You really cant go wrong with this brush. You can use it like me as a last step in your makeup routine or you can use it to apply powder.

Cheap and works

Its cheap, it doesn't weight down my hair, its spray nozzle is amazing! It distributes the product so evenly in a nice big mist that covers a large section of hair without soaking your hair. My go to heat tamer!

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