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SCENTBUG™ Home Fragrance Oil Fan


Liyah M.

i own 2 of these and i love them so much. i had them for 2yrs already and they still work like new. they were only $3 when i got them. they are perfect for any home or office.

Ashley G.

I saw a guru on youtube a few years ago talking about the scentbug, and after her review I wanted to get one.. which I did! I'm so glad I picked it up, it works so well! I've had mine for over a year and I haven't had one problem with it at all! Worth every penny!

Jessica C.

ive got this in my bathroom and it works so well! it makes the whole bathroom smell good and lasts for quite awhile its a good buy i recommend it definatly

Gabriella H.

So i had my scent bug for a while now and i hate it, i am so glad my friend works at B&B because the scent bug is not something i would have wanted to pay full price for. It worked fine in the beginning sure what product doesn't? After a while i had noticed it was making a really irritating noise so i wouldn't want to turn it on.I will say that it did my my room smell nice when it was working, overall don't waster your money this! What i did because i still had the oils is i bought one of those candle holders so the top you put the oil and then the bottom there's the candle which burns the oil honestly works so much better then the silly scent bug!

Carolina O.
Waste of money

At first it worked well, after a day or so I couldn't smell anything anymore, even after putting more of the scented oil. Im glad I got it on sale. Your better of getting the oil warmer and tea light candles.