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Massive coverage, creamy, heavy duty and work under MY dark circles?!?!?!??!?!?! Can I get an AMEN? This stuff is perfection in a tube. I hear you can even use it as a primer (haven't tried that yet) but this stuff can be compared to some high end primers. Just get it.

All Over Coverage

This stuff works wonders. It only takes a few layers to cover all blemishes and dark spots. It gives a very matte-flat face all over, even under the eye. You MUST add your own dimension (contouring, blush, highlight) or else you may come off a little ghostly. You must build your face after applying this. I own 80 watts and its the perfect color for me but if I over do it I notice there is a slight cast. I really do recommend and love this foundation, you just have to work with it a bit. Oh, and PLEASE be sure to wash this product off after you are done, because depending on you skin type it may cause breakouts. I know this is a mixed review, but I'm just giving you the honest truth. The over all look is a soft matte face with a glow undertone. Very natural, very beautiful and clean <3


I cannot even put into freakin' words how much I LOVE this palette. Let me just tell you about the turquoise shade ok? The pigmentation alone without a primer is just de-freakin-licious. It's shimmery but not too much and high quality. I also love the dark blue shade and the midnight blue black- STUNNING!!!! and perfect for a night on the prowl.


I have so many great things to say. First off I own Greed, Lust, and Pride. It&#39;s too hard to find Vanity :( The color pay off is AMAZING and so is the price. Lust is my favorite to this day and I feel like they get better with time (mine are kinda old, don&#39;t judge me). It doesn&#39;t matter if you are just starting out with makeup or are a pro, you NEED these in your life. I always revert back to these and have yet to find a cheap palette that can compete with these. They can be compared to high end shadows and they last long with a good primer. You betta getchu some, they are slowly fazing them out.

This will forever be my go-to mascara!!!! I love everything about this stuff, including the packaging! It gives me the blackest, sexiest, cat-like lashes any Doll could ask for and all I need is 1-2 coats!!! &lt;3

I love this stuff!!!!! I&#39;m wearing it at the moment and I must say that I always notice that my lashes are super long and full. I&#39;m really glad cover girl made this, because its a great lash detangler as well. Big Hollywood lashes! The price though..... Well.... I remember when it used to be 6 bucks and now the average price it 8-10 so.... meh...

Been using this since I was 12 or 13. I really like the way it makes my skin feel. However, I do notice that after I&#39;ve used it, my skin gets oily a few hours later. I suggest using a matte or balancing moisturizer right after. P.S. It&#39;s great to use right before bed! &lt;3

Ok, so I won&#39;t lie I have very few NYX products. I do however, like them though. Sometimes.... they smell a bit weird though. I really wanna try the more up to date lip glosses and stix.

LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! I counted and I have a total of 12 of these nail polishes. I got them on sale for .69cents to $1.00 at Walgreens and I really do enjoy them all. Can&#39;t wait to get my hands on the holiday collection. Try them out!!!

YES YES YES!!!!! I have the Blue Had Me At Hello palette and I freakin love it!!!!!!! I can&#39;t wait to get my pink polished hands on the matte &amp; holiday collections!!! Oh! and the nail polishes are bomb too!!! &lt;3

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