Illuminating Powder Foundation


Beat And Unbothered V.
All Over Coverage

This stuff works wonders. It only takes a few layers to cover all blemishes and dark spots. It gives a very matte-flat face all over, even under the eye. You MUST add your own dimension (contouring, blush, highlight) or else you may come off a little ghostly. You must build your face after applying this. I own 80 watts and its the perfect color for me but if I over do it I notice there is a slight cast. I really do recommend and love this foundation, you just have to work with it a bit. Oh, and PLEASE be sure to wash this product off after you are done, because depending on you skin type it may cause breakouts. I know this is a mixed review, but I'm just giving you the honest truth. The over all look is a soft matte face with a glow undertone. Very natural, very beautiful and clean <3

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Victoria S.
A holy grail of grails!

Once again, I keep coming back to this product. My skin is so erratic, but this always performs. I have fair skin with peachy undertones and I have never found a product that matches my skin better than Stila Illuminating Powder Foundation in 20 Watts. I am always so impressed by the quality of pigment in Stila's foundation range. They color match skin SO well compared to other brands that lean either too yellowy or too pink.

I love the products versatility in pigment as well. With a duo fibre brush, I can lightly blot my whole face if it's going to be an especially humid day, OR I can wear it alone and heavy for maximum coverage without the cakey feel. I use this to spot dab acne bits and it hardly flakes if I prep the area with moisturizer.

Contrary to other powders, this one doesn't dull my skin, it gives a natural effect that takes other cheek products very well.

It's just such a great product that I don't even care about the ridiculous $28 price tag (just for the pan, the compact is a separate $14....sigh). No matter, I think I'm on my 5th one and I'm in love.