Aqua Liner


Hannah B.
Super waterproof, gorgeous colors

I normally have the problem with liquid liners where they fleck off in the inner corners. With this I don't have that problem at all and when I go swimming in the summer it stays on until I take it off with my heavy duty waterproof makeup remover. It is an absolute god send! It also has a really easy applicator so i could get thin or thick lines at my discression. People who have issues with liquid eyeliner should definitely try this out! You won't regret it!

Cătălina O.
The best one so far

From 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. this eyeliner does the job. I am more than happy with this product! 5 stars, since no othe eyeliner I've ever tried lasted more than 2 hours on my lids.

Diyana S.
Stays on even in hot and humid weather.

I love this stuff. The applicator is great, not too thin or not too thick and not flimsy at all. Great for making cat eyeliner. I have oily lids and live in a hot and humid country and this eyeliner does not "melt" when I am outside. So it is water- and smudge-proof on me. The only reason I took half a star off is because I wish it was in a pen form. I hate having to keep dipping the applicator in the product a few times to get one eye done.

Acacia M.
This is the best

This is the best liquid liner I have ever used! It lasts all day long and it really stands out. Today it was super humid and then I came home and took a nap with it on and when I woke up it was still perfect! I'll never use anything else!

Arlene T.
Best one so far

I've been using this product for over a year now (I've bought 3 so far). I really like this liner a lot because it lasts longer than other ones I've tried. I will put it on at about 8-9 in the morning and need to touch up at around 6-7 (If I'm going out). It stays on all day, but starts to crack off in the afternoon. I've stuck to this product because it lasts for the most part that i need it to last. Considering I tend to get oily eyelids, MUFE does a very good job at staying on :)

Dominique A.
Not impressed

I tried out Make Up For Ever's Aqua Liners when i was killing time at Sephora today. The photo above was taken about 6 hours after application on my hand and after a bath. All the colours are sparkly/shimmery except the black and they dry slightly shiny, not matte. I find them very liquid, and because of that, the felt tip applicator comes out with abit too much product. I had to draw over twice for most of them cause it was as pigmented as i expected. The silver is very sheer btw. The staying power is not that great as you can see from the photo, it's not that waterproof. Overall, im not that impressed i actually prefer the ones from L.A Splash.

Nadia N.
Love it and amazing colors

I have this in the navy and black multi glitter. The color payoff is amazing and it lasts all day!! It was so much easier to take off than the MAC liquidlast liners I had. The blue is amazing you can use it to substitute for black and its a great bold statement. I plan to get more when I can.

Ashley D.
Good quality, just clumps over time.

My wife bought this and while the quality is amazing, I noticed after a while the formula began to clump and get thick. I do like the felt tip applicator. It goes on smooth and easily controllable. The only other con is price but that's mostly because I have a very low budget for makeup shopping. If $18 is in your range then you're in luck!

Jaclyn R.

I have 1 (the gold) and 15 (the dark gunmetal-y color). They are both so incredible! The applicator is pretty good, very easy to get a precise line. The color payoff is phenomenal! I would have to say that the gold is my favorite, though. It's just so opaque and lovely!

Also, the staying power of these liners is great. Very waterproof, won't come off unless you WANT it to - though I find them still easy to remove. What I do to remove them is just soak my eyes with warm water and gently rub. The product seems to kind of ball up and easily removed.

Laura K.

It comes in so many beautiful colors and it really stays on all day. So far I only have it in blue and white but I will definitely try the other colors. Amazing!