Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask


Dinah D.
I need to buy this again!

Really, I do. This product keeps my hair really soft and smooth and I don't even have to use it that often. It also smells good. All of this coming from someone with really coarse, dry hair. Yep. You know you wanna buy it! Lol.

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Julie A.
Cheap & Reliable

This deep recovery mask is AMAZING! Honestly, I wouldn't buy another over priced product like Macadamia Natural Oil ever again. I love the smell of this product and the way it makes my hair feel. What's better than a cheap product that works?

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Vanessa M.
ideal deep conditioner

this works wonderfully! It's great because its inexpensive but conditions like a high end product...your hair will smell great and will immediately feel much softer. once a week I use this and a anti-residue shampoo and the rest of the week, when I'm using my normal shampoo and conditioner, my hair is extremely healthy feeling. I recommend first using an anti-residue shampoo (I use one by Neutrogena), rinse and squeeze out excess water, apply the product to the ends of your hair (starting by your ears), leave it in your hair while you shave your legs and what not, rinse with luke warm/cold water thoroughly and you'll feel like you have a new head of hair!

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Ivana C.
Effective AND Affordable

I have very thick, curly hair, which is always in need of deep conditioning. I used this mask with the intentions of setting my hair in rollers and blow drying it straight. I applied a generous amount to my hair in the shower and covered with plastic deep conditioning cap. I left it on for 15 minutes, then I used a wide tooth comb to detangle my hair. After my shower, I set my hair in rollers, sat under a dryer, and then blow dried my hair. When I removed the rollers from my hair, I couldn't get over how soft and shiny my hair looked! When I was done, I didn't even add any additional product to my hair because it was shiny and healthy! This will remain a staple for sure!

Elaina Y.
Love this product

This is one of the best hair masks that I've ever used. I use this when I notice that my ends are more dry than usual. I find that after one use of this my ends looked much more healthier and the rest of my hair was super soft. This product is quite pricey at my local drugstore ($15) so I also buy this at Nordstorm Rack ($6USD). This hair mask has a great smell, it's light and fresh scent. I only need a small amount of this product because it's really rich and easy to spread; a jar of this will last a long time. This is a product that I have repurchased many times, and I think I will repurchase this in the future because it really treats dry and damanged ends well.

Jasmine R.

I really like this product. A little goes a long way, which is great because it wasn't even that expensive to begin with. It smells good too. My hair used to be SO damaged from the flat iron but after using this and another deep conditioner, it's about saved!

Ashley D.

I used this after over bleaching my hair and it helped get it soft again. You do have to leave it on longer than it says if you have really dry, thick hair (I left it on for 20 minutes). It smells fantastic and your hair does make a huge improvement. I used it every wash (every other day) until I discovered something better for my hair. If you're in a jam and can't splurge, this is probably one of the best you can get for your money.

Laaya A.

I used this so many years ago and it was probably one of the best products I've ever used for my hair. It made my hair very soft and it didn't really dry in anyway. I would end up buying this again because it was good and people used to ask me when I was using this, what product do I use for my hair because it was soft and not as dry.

Dawn M.

Basically this is your average leave in conditioner. It doesn't add any extra oomph to your hair, but it does moisturize. Especially at the ends if you have dry or split ends. Be careful around the scalp area though otherwise you will get oily if you apply too much.

Myrna P.

My mother has this...and I personally think buyers are paying for the name. This for me is like any regular conditioner and does absolutely nothing extra. I tried it out for my daughter and I am better off with cheaper products.