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If someone asked me to describe my fave scent, this would be it

A combination of sensual spices and woody scents this is one of the greatest scents Bath & Body works has created. It reminds me very much of the time between fall and winter and those have always been my favorite scents. Very moisturizing and a little goes a long way. I hope this scent stays around for a long while!

Gorgeous scent, on the pricey side however

I first smelled this when my aunt got it as a Christmas gift. I loved it immediately, what I love more is that throughout the day you can still smell it. It's not strong or overpowering by any means but it lingers all day which is great for me because I don't have a lot of time to go off and freshen my perfume up.

The scent itself is very warm and sensual, my guy friends love it. I'm usually the worst when it comes to describing scents but this is everything I could want in a scent. It's the one perfume I own where when I go out people ask me what I'm wearing.

Perfect for use on its own or over it's lipstick counterpart!

This lipglass is very versatile, it can be worn on its own, over the Gaga lipstick, or over a lipliner of another color (It looks beautiful over a soft pink/peach liner!) If I'm rushing out for the night I always make sure to throw this and a chapstick in my purse. I really love that this lipglass seems to stay put for a long while, my past experiences with (drug store) lipgloss have been mediocre at best and I would gladly purchase this again!


These 88 pallets are my lifesaver! They are perfect for when I want to do an aqua color as a base and then use a powder to either change the color slightly, or make the colors blend together better. Great quality eyeshadow for the price you pay and the amount you get! I've had this and the shimmer pallet for two years now and they still look great, I haven't used a full shadow yet and I use this product a lot! I'd absolutely recommend this to any makeup lover!

The only moisturizer I'll use!

I've tried a lot of moisturizer's, a few of them LUSH, this is the only one that didn't make my skin feel oily and heavy. It sinks into my skin quickly and leaves my skin feeling amazing! I tend to get oily on my forehead due to my bangs and even in that area this moisturizer doesn't add to that oily feeling. I also love the smell of this, I'm not the biggest fan of LUSH's scents but this is a very subtle vanilla which I absolutely love!!

Amazing exfoliant!

I'm a big fan of facial scrubs and wanted to try something new. I'd heard a lot about LUSH especially ocean salt, this was the first product I bought of theirs and I fell in love. While the grains of salt are decent size they are not too abrasive at all. Leaves the skin feeling soft and clean! Smell wise it's good for LUSH, very citrusy and clean!

Beautiful for glowing skin

The perfect cream highlighter hands down! Great for applying to your cheekbone and on your brow bone for a natural beautiful high light! It also catches the light wonderfully and would be great for a photoshoot or a night out!

Perfect nude lip for me!

I usually wear bolder eye colors, and when you walk out of the house with bold eyes you don't normally want lips to match. I was a little nervous to try out a nude lip but I LOVED this color! My lips are very pigmented and pink naturally so with this color on it gives me a very nude/light pink lip. It's absolutely beautiful. It also doesn't dry my lips out like a few other MAC lip products have!

Great color pay off but will stain lids and brushes

I have 2 MUFE Eyeshadows Purple 92 and Pink 75. The color payoff on their brights is amazing but they do stain your lids, especially #92. And if you don't clean your brush right away it will leave a pink hue on a white brush. It's no big deal just a heads up. I'd actually like to purchase some more brights from them in the future!

Great color pay off but fall out throughout the day

I love Sugarpill, but my one negative thing to say is that even when tapping my brush to get the excess product off and using it wet there still always seems to be fallout on my cheeks at the end of the day. Maybe it's just the colors I have (Goldilux & Tiara). I do love how reasonably priced the products are and how much product you get!

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