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A nice treat for your lips, especially in winter

I love this product! It's a nice treat for your lips every now and then to really exfoliate and smooth them out. I find it really helps in the winter seasons when things tend to get a little more dry on the east coast and ones lips can chap even when they're moisturized.

Great for working out outside

I'm very fair and intend to stay that way, unfortunately I work out a lot, I love to walk, job and play sports so I need a sunblock that'll give me protection and last when I get sweaty. This does the job perfectly. It absorbs in my skin so well I don't even feel like I'm wearing sunblock. It is truly water/sweat proof which is what I needed.

Perfect pigments!

I'm a HUGE fan of pigments and usually have to use them wet to get the true color payoff. These pigments when you apply them apply as if they've been used wet, huge plus for me! You also get a lot of product, this will last me a very long time. I've been using this stack constantly since I've gotten them.

Works how I use it

I'm really particular about my pores and blackheads and use products that keeps them to a minimum. I'll use a strip of these once a month to just clean up anything that may have been left behind. It's not my main source for removing my blackheads. Also if you leave them on too long they hurt so bad when you take them off!!

Amazing coverage!

This was my favorite foundation for the longest time! Amazing coverage and it lasts a very long time (and I use it every day). My only problem, and it's a problem I always have with foundations, is that there isn't a shade light enough for me. The Pink Porcelain is very pink too pink for me, as is the shade lighter. And the next shade up is too dark. It's not really noticeable but it is to me.

Over priced

I think this product is definitely over priced. I also don't really like that if you just apply the shatter like you would any other nail polish the shatter goes vertical and no where else. You have to sort of apply the polish in different directions if you want a scattered shatter effect. I like the Sally Hansen shatter polishes better and they're $2 cheaper.

Not picky but I really like this!

I'm not very picky when it comes to mascara but this does a wonderful job! It doesn't clump my lashes together, it lengthens them slightly. One thing I wish this had however was a smaller applicator, it's so thick and fat I have trouble getting my inner lashes without getting mascara on my already applied eyeshadow.

My go to shadow when I want to do a smoky eye

I'm a HUGE fan of colors that contain more than one color in them. Club is a brown but has a great green shimmer throughout it and when blended out you get almost a light red/brown. It's absolutely beautiful and is one of the few colors you can use alone and it looks as if you've used three or four colors with it. My absolute go to when I want to do something dark and smoky on a night out!

Viva Glam Gaga 2 Amplified-Perfect nude lip color!

I usually wear bolder eye colors, and when you walk out of the house with bold eyes you don't normally want lips to match. I was a little nervous to try out a nude lip but I LOVED this color! My lips are very pink naturally so with this color on it gives me a very nude/light pink lip. It's absolutely beautiful. It also doesn't dry my lips out like a few other MAC lip products have!

A great product for a nice golden highlight!

If you're into a warm glowing look Albatross is a great blush for you. Placing it on the high part of your cheekbone gives a healthy glow even to the palest faces!

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