Celestial Moisturizer


really good for my dry skin especially during the winter months. it feels a little heavy at first but leaves my face soft and nice after it's absorbed. wonderful product, I would buy it again.

Anna K.
Awesomeness in a black tub!

I loved this moisturizer. I have very sensitive, dry skin with eczema, and I've been looking for a good moisturizer that I can use without it irritating my skin. I went to a LUSH store after doing extensive research into a good moisturizer to buy, and surely enough, I was recommended Celestial. I bought it home and used it, and it was love at first sniff, as the people at LUSH would say! Not only does this moisturizer improve the overall texture and look of my skin, but it smells absolutely heavenly. I love this! There's absolutely no way that I'd be able to live without this moisturizer now that I've tried it!! Some people say that it's a bit heavy, but since my skin is really dry, I find that it's perfect.

Natalie P.
Soft skin

I have dry skin usually with red flare ups. On first use of this, I wasn't sure if it was going to be too light, but I used a bit more the next day and actually found after a couple of days my skin feels very soft and smoother. Not entirely sure if has brought me out in a few more spots then usual but it's defo one of the bet moisturisers I've ever had.

Leila V.
Nice Suprise!

I realised some years ago that I got on better with organic/ naturally derived face creams to combat my eczma than regular high street brands. I used to find that normal excma creams sat too heavily on my skins surface, leading to an overly oily, often broken out apearance. On a whim I used an organic cream and found it to be much lighter, and allowed my skin to breathe. So with this in the back of my mind, I tried Celestial as an alternative. Admitedly upon first impressions, I thought the cream would be far far too thick for my liking, but I was swiftly proven wrong. Within seconds the cream just melts into a milky like substance, bledning effortlessly all over the skin, and is absorbed within seconds, leaving no greasey residue. Best of all for me, it takes the tightness straight out of my ecczma, always usefull for those of us who like to have facial expressions! Lovely cream, would definately reccomend! xxx

Rachel K.

let's just start off by saying its called Celestial for a reason. I use this morning and night and with my color supplement foundation. I use this after I wash my face with angels on bare skin and my face feels like heaven. I love this moisturizer. I can't get enough of it! I will be purchasing and I highly recommend this!

Raine C.
Light and Wonderful

This is my favourite moisturizer during the warmer seasons. My skin tends to be sensitive but normal in the summertime. I have an awful time using moisturizers with sunscreen; I get irritation and redness. Not only does it smell good and leave my skin soft, but it's lightweight enough that it serves as a nice little protective layer before I put on my spf.

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Dianna M.
This product is most certainly "celestial"! ;)

In the past weeks I've been having the most difficult time with my skin. It's been irritable, dry, flaky, and above all covered in spots! I went on a hunt for a moisturizer that would be able to calm my skin and not make it sting like the other drugstore moisturizers I've been using and this "celestial" of a product did everything that I had hoped for! It has just the right consistency of being thick and breathable at the same time. It most certainly doesn't hurt that it smells divine!

Ashley K.
Love Love Love
Photo of product included with review by Ashley K.

This is the only moisturizer I will ever use. I had lots of sun damage from tanning and it had turned my face into this red irritated mess. This is the only product that has helped in turning my skin around and toning down the redness. It has dove orchid oil in it which really helps make the difference on calming down redness! I can't live w/o it!

Stephanie F.
Perfect for Difficult Skin

I have random outbreaks of eczema on my face and can I tell you this is the best moisturizer for irritable, irregular, sensitive skin! It leaves my skin so soft and pearly-looking. Never had anything else work this well for me!

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Kristin R.
The only moisturizer I'll use!

I've tried a lot of moisturizer's, a few of them LUSH, this is the only one that didn't make my skin feel oily and heavy. It sinks into my skin quickly and leaves my skin feeling amazing! I tend to get oily on my forehead due to my bangs and even in that area this moisturizer doesn't add to that oily feeling. I also love the smell of this, I'm not the biggest fan of LUSH's scents but this is a very subtle vanilla which I absolutely love!!

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