Beauty Product Reviews


It's amazing if you're looking for a super shimmery, light wash of color. I usually use two blushes. My usual go-to blush- which is usually a pretty orange-toned red[not as ugly as it sounds when used sparingly] and then I use Honeymoon on my apples, forehead, chin, and nose[a light wash] just so my skin looks dewy and less matte. The color pay-off looks like it would be amazing, but even on my fair skin-tone it hardly shows up. Over all, yes I will buy this again. But will I use this just on it's own for a bit of color? No.


I use this EVERY day. I've got both the 88 original, and the 88 shimmer. Personally I prefer the original over the shimmer. But I just like Matte textures more right now.

My tone gripe is this:

They don't have a very strongly pigmented like... buttercup yellow.

But I'm sure I could buy a customized Hot Pot palette.

Holy crap, this is my Go-To lipstick brand.

The wear is amazing. I have three colors! Smoked Peach, which is a pretty peachy color, on the orange side- perfect for autumn! Wine With Everything, which is a pink-toned red. It's super bright, and definitely a "look at me" color. And I also have Va Va Violet, which is obviously a violet color.

All wear like iron, and are basically awesome. But if you're going to eat or drink anything, just make sure you bring your tube of lipstick with you.

The color range is perfect! They have everything from nudes, to pinks, reds, oranges, purples, and mauves. This line is huge, and easily accessible! You can find it at basically any drugstore.

Basically amazing...

I LOVE this product. I use it all the time! It feels so nice when it goes on the skin, and then when it's dry, you can't even tell it's there- so if I'm in a rush and I don't have time to put on my foundation[... It's happened before] I don't have to worry about there being like a white film covering my face! The only issue I've had with this product is after a while, especially around my nose and chin, my foundation starts to look SUPER shiny and start's looking gross. But that's easily fixed with some blotting papers and some powder. ^_^ No big.

This is the Holy Grail of Drugstore eyeliners.

I've always had issues finding an eyeliner that wont go gooey at the corners of my eyes in like two minutes, and that will stay on my waterline. I saw this in the cosmetics section of WalMart, and knew I had to try it. I've never used any kind of eyeliner that was so magical! It sticks so well, and doesn't smudge at all! I even had problems getting the liner off with Makeup Remover. <3 If you havent gone out and bought this already, what the heck are you waiting for?! Do it! Go now!

Really good.

This is my second favorite mascara on the drugstore market. It doesn't come out clumpy, and even if it does, you just have to grab an eyelash comb, and comb out the clumps. It's only my second favorite, because I'm not too terribly fond of the brush, and it's just a bit wet, but if I find myself out of Lash Blast, this is the one I turn to.


This mascara, hands down, is my absolute favorite. I love the wand, the packaging, how black it is. The wand did a perfect job of separating my lashes and the formula did an amazing job of lengthening my lashes and volumizing all at once. It seriously looks like I have Falsies on. I definitely recommend this mascara to ALL of my friends.