Beauty Product Reviews

Best in Bright Colors

I cant get enough of these colors! When Im in the mood for a bright and fun look, I know I can rely on this collection for UD to kick up my look a notch. I originally bought the set because I was so jazzed on the fishnet color, but I find that I've used honey the most. I love the texture, and it has just enough shimmer to really shine in all light levels.

Not a bad way to jazz up a look

Some of the NYX liquid liners are a bit too shiny and "sticky" for my taste. But I find these crystal liners to be a fantastic way to add a bit of shine, and pop to a look. Add a few layers, and you can go from a super funky day look, to a spicy night out look. They dry quickly, and last all day.

I used these one my wedding day!

The picture does not do them justice. These lashes gave my eyes the bit of pop they needed without feeling over done, or too dramatic. :) One thing I love about Ardell, vs the heavy duty expensive false lashes, is that they are on a thin rim, which makes them easier to apply, but you can still reuse them

My go to lip color!

Seriously, when I don't have time to mix a color, or I'm just looking for a quick and easy lip color, I always find myself choosing Totally Nude. It literally NEVER leaves my purse. :)

Perfect for a Natural Look, with a HINT of Shimmer

I used this palette for my wedding day, and it was perfect to give a natural look, that will give you enough of a hint of shimmer while still keeping understated. Truly a MUST have in any collection. It's a great palette when you want a quick natural smokey look, or just a small pop of contrast on the crease line with some liquid liner. Truly one of my favorite palettes.

Not My Cup Of Tea

I recently tried out the lip injection, and personally it's not for me. It is very tingly, and it's supposed to "plump" the lips, but instead it just tingles and is sticky and uncomfortable.

I didn't notice much of a difference.

Although I must admit I haven't used it for a prolonged period of time, so perhaps the affects are better with prolonged use. To me, it's not worth the hype

The Perfect Brow Tool

I love this brow pencil! This product from NYX is the best brow pencil I've used, and I've used them ALL.

What I love about the design is that it is retractable. So, no messy pencil shavings or smeared and wasted product. The brown has a soft red tint, which is perfect to keep the color warm instead of harsh umber like many darker brow colors.

Also, the opposite brush end is the right mix of stiff and soft. It's soft enough not to scrape the skin, but stiff enough to tame thicker brows like mine.

I really love the length and design.

The color goes on smooth, blends nicely, and is extremely smug resistent. Definitely well worth the price!

Intense Color, Smooth Application, Perfect Liners!

I recently got the mini set of all these colors, with a full sized zero, and I'm simply smitten.

As far as eye liners go, these go on extremely smoothly, and they stay. the great thing about these pencils are that they blend smoothly, and the color pay off is incredible.

So far, my favorite colors are Ransom and Honey. They work extremely well as base colors, they blend well into loose shadows, and they don't budge. I really love this product and for the makeup fan who is looking for a variety of colors, I really feel like the variety pack is the way to go.

High Hopes for High Beam

This product is exactly what it claims to be! Supermodel in a bottle is a very accurate way to market this product. I recently got this in a mini-tube with a Sephora order and I wasn't sure how I'd like it.

I've used it EVERY day since I got it, and I've gotten comment after comment about my skin "glowing" and looking "vibrant". What I find especially nice is how easily it blends into matte and shimmer blushes, how it stands out on my skin, yet doesn't look forced or unnatural.

I use a small bit on the bridge of my nose, my cheek bones, the bow of my lip, and my chin. It adds a shine and soft glow that is super seductive and evocative in a very subtle way.

A little bit goes a LONG way, so it's well worth the price. I really feel like this is a makeup essential. You have to try it!

New Fav!

These trios are really lovely, and they pair colors that play nicely together. I just picked up the Tropical Trio, and it is awesome. The colors have the right amount of shimmer to pigment, and they go on smooth and wear all day. Totally affordable as well! I can see why so many people are crazy for NYX products, they are the thrifty option for any beauty addict on a budget!

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