Urban Decay

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil


Erin Z.
Intense Color, Smooth Application, Perfect Liners!

I recently got the mini set of all these colors, with a full sized zero, and I'm simply smitten.

As far as eye liners go, these go on extremely smoothly, and they stay. the great thing about these pencils are that they blend smoothly, and the color pay off is incredible.

So far, my favorite colors are Ransom and Honey. They work extremely well as base colors, they blend well into loose shadows, and they don't budge. I really love this product and for the makeup fan who is looking for a variety of colors, I really feel like the variety pack is the way to go.

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Laura R.
Love them all!

I love these liners. They are bright enough to accent any color eye. I have so many of them and still want to buy more! They don't seem to rub off or run very easily, which is great for hot summer days.

Julia R.

Ransom is a medium-toned, shiny, bright purple. It featured UD's signature creaminess and ease of use, but it was one of the less-pigmented ones I've tried (I needed to go over the line once or twice for vibrancy). The color... I don't want to say faded, but the shine had worn off and the color was a little less bright after an hour. Beyond that, it wore excellently for a total 10 hours of wear. It didn't smudge, flake, or run, ever.

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Naomi D.
Pretty color!
Photo of product included with review by Naomi D.

I really like the Urban Decay pencil. It's made to glide on easily and it does. The color I have is Ransom (on my bottom lashline in the picture, along with some white tokidoki eyeliner in the corner). The color isn't just a regular purple, it has a blue-ish hue. It's hard to get off, I don't know if anyone else had this problem, but I really had to rub several times before it would budge. That can be a good and bad thing, but overall, I'd recommend it!

Huma N.
Great but not the best either!

This purple color is so lovely! I wear it once in a while to give a pop of color to my normal makeup. The eyeliner is really smooth to apply, but I have to run back and forth a couple of times to have true color pay-off. It's also pretty blendable, which is good when I want to smudge it out. However, I also don't like the fact that it's blendable in a different aspect- that it always smudges when I don't want it to. Maybe that's just my problem, but it doesn't stay on all day. Still, it's a great eyeliner and I would like to repurchase another 24/7 glide on eyeliner in perversion or a different color.

Michelle D.

I got this in Ransom from one of the Glam Bags and to be quite frank, it was just okay. In my opinion, my NYX liner worked way better and it's much cheaper. I would probably use this liner as an eyeshadow base, but I would never buy it.

Bonnie L.
It died on me for some reason...

I've had this eyeliner for almost a year now. Loved the color payoff and the way it glided on before, but now it won't glide onto my eyes anymore; I have to drag and pull the pencil all over my lash line - with hardly any color payoff. XP I still have about a good 4 inches left of the pencil (I bought Electric at the same time I bought Ransom and it is perfectly fine) so I'm not sure what's going on. Maybe I just got a bad apple. Anyone have the same problem with Ransom?