Too Faced

Lip of Luxury Lipstick


E G.

I am in love with this! It is super moisturizing and it is so amazing. I have this sweater and every time I wear it I have to wear this lip color! Thumbs up to you, Too Faced!

Kelsey S.

This lipstick will NOT dry out your lips! Centerfold is my favorite shade. It matches my skin tone PERFECTLY. It's phenomenal. I buy two or three sticks at a time. They betta not stop selling this shade!!!

Natasha F.
Great color and its hydrating!

I love that this lipstick doesn't dry out my lips when I wear it, but it is nicely pigmented as well. Too Faced has gotten the best of both worlds into this lipstick. Now I want to try some of the other shades!

Brooke J.
Beautiful brown with copper flakes lipstick

This is a beautiful lipstick! It has the neatest packaging I have seen in a long time. The tube is a pretty pink color with a faux gemstone in the package. The smell of the lipstick is nice...not chemical and not overwhelming. The color is great and lasts well into my day, especially when layered over lip liner. To be quite honest, I have been a MAC girl for about ten years when it comes to lipstick. I was very devoted to one shade...Shiitake. This was the first tube of lipstick I ever finished and I bought them three at a time. However, in the ways of the fickle world of MAC, my beloved lipstick was discontinued! I bought tube upon tube of other colors and brands to try and resurrect my lost love! Everything was too brown, too nude, too pink. Then I found this little gem in Cougar! Am I happy! It is the most like MAC Shiitake that I have found. It is a perfect warm brown with copper shimmer. I will definitely repurchase this product...probably three at a time...just in case!

Sara N.
Nice feel, not super opaque

I like this lipstick in that it really doesn't feel dry on the lips...especially since my lips are always dry. The one downside is that the color isn't super opaque, and it's ok since I don't think it's marketed as a crazy "amplified-like" finish. There is a lot of color, but I have to pass it more than a couple of times to get true color, which isn't a bad thing considering how it feels on the lips. I also like the scent...if you're sensitive to certain scents, I would highly recommend looking at it in the store and smelling it first before buying. It's not a typical lipstick (vanilla) smell.

Jessica L.
Best nude-ish lipstick ever!

I love this lipstick. It is the perfect nude shade. It's nude but yet still pink with a bit of purple. The formula is a cream and moisturizing. It's by far my favorite nude of all time!

Cindi H.
not MAC but still nice

I do enjoy this lipstick. I mostly got it for the packaging and thanks goodness i liked the actual product. I dont know if i would buy another color anytime soon unless another color jumps out at me

Camille A.

love love love this lipstick! Whenever I just need a little color but nothing to extravagant I put my two faced Marcia Marcia Marcia on and Ill have natural lip color for my day ahead. If you have olive complexion I really do suggest this product to brighten up your face ESPECIALLY in the winter

Erin Z.
My go to lip color!

Seriously, when I don't have time to mix a color, or I'm just looking for a quick and easy lip color, I always find myself choosing Totally Nude. It literally NEVER leaves my purse. :)

Sherie I.

AMAZING. I really am thinking about stocking up on this lipstick cause I love it so much! It's a perfect nude/pink color I've ever had. It's an every day wear. Plus, if the color is too light for you, you can always mix some more vibrant pink with it to spice it up. But this lip stick is just amazing!