Beauty Product Reviews

I didn't like it much.

To me it was nothing like the commercial. I had to use baby oil to take off the mascara! Witch burned my eyes! It was a mess. It's in my "less favorite" drawer for mascara. I wouldn't buy it again for the $12 that I spent I didn't find it worth it in the end.

It's decent

I bought the mini travel size version of this, just to try it out. It seems to do a trick if you're not looking for anything extreme. With 2 coats it seems to coat the lashes nicely, but without an eyelash curler, it doesn't do much to lift them up. It's not my everyday "go to" mascara, but it's decent enough for an on the go bag. :)

Like it!

I seen some reviews for this mascara on here and wanted to go out and buy it and try it out, I like it a lot because you can get into the inner eye lashes without tilting your neck awkwardly as with a normal mascara lol. I would purchase this again in a heartbeat. It makes your lashes long and fuller!

My "Go To" Mascara! Definitely worth the money!

I love this mascara. It's recently became my "go to" mascara. I love the way it makes my eyes look fuller, longer, and makes them look great. I love that it doesn't clump like most "drugstore" mascara does! I would definitely go out and buy this again.

It's okay, wouldn't but it again..

To me I didn't love this mascara, and I usually love all mascara! This just didn't seem to make my lashes stand out or make them even "noticeable" I had to coat them 3-4 times to even get it to look right.. I don't rec. this at all..

I adore this!!! <3

This is my go to palette. I use it for everything from tutorials to my everyday makeup and I use it a lot to play and come up with new looks! I would totally buy this again!!! =)

I'd buy it again(:

I purchased the $9 travel size of the UDPP, just to make sure it would work before spending $20 some dollars and buying the full size. I here alot of people rave about this and wanted to try it out for myself. I found that it works really really well! :)

I love this!!

I love these! They are so smooth and they make my lips feel better than any other lipstick out there! I would definitely go out and re-purchase these! I have them in; Sugar Frosting, Cupcake, Tutti Frutti, and Strawberry Shortcake. My favorite one our of the four is Cupcake. :)

Best Lip Balm Ever!

Great Product! I have two of them, Summer Fruit, and Sweet Mint. :) Best Lip Balm every made! I love this product! I would most definitely rec this product!

Worth the Money Spent!

I purchased this set today and I used it tonight and I love how it leaves my hair feelings. I would deff. re-purchase this product, it is really worth the money.

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