Yes To Cucumbers

Daily Hydrating Hair Care Routine


Grace M.
Everyone wants good hair care that leaves your hair nourished. this delivers!! & its vegan!

I love this shampoo conditioning set duo. I don't think I blog about personal care enough, bc I am not sure ppl care about the TMI stuff. However, since everyone wants good hair, I will mention that I adore Yes To Cucumbers...and Yes To anything from Yes To! This is a fantastic shampoo that is free of harsh sulfates, and harsh chemicals. Now when I see my hair on camera it doesn't look dry or ratted (as much). I am very hard on my hair between blow dries and flat ironings, so I need something that will give it a rest. Forget the hype of products that promise, they will never deliver smooth nourished hair. This one actually proceeds go to animals. :)

Jennifer M.
Worth the Money Spent!

I purchased this set today and I used it tonight and I love how it leaves my hair feelings. I would deff. re-purchase this product, it is really worth the money.