Double Extend Lash Extension Effect Mascara

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Diana S.
Stays put all day.

One of my favorite mascaras! It is gentle enough for my contact wearing eyes. It stays put all day and adds volume and length. I don't worry about it smudging or smearing throughout the day. It comes off easily in the shower or makeup remover. You will notice it coming off like string or really long eyelashes but its not its the mascara. It's like the formula wraps around the eyelash and when it comes off it's still in the shape of your eyelashes. The one thing I wish is that there would be more in the black mascara side. I have also bought one where the mascara was all dried out. Other than that it is still one of my favorite mascaras.

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Senan B.
Lashes look almost fake

I have tried many mascaras and always go back to this one. I have found that it does dry a bit quick and there is not a lot of product by it is well worth it. I have thick lashes You can use just the mascara or us the primer for longer fuller lashes. I suggest you use the primer then do the other eye and go back to the first eye with the mascara. OR double the primer and then mascara and you get a great false lash look. I suggest this! I got two girls at work to use it and they love it too

Ashley D.
Very good

If you remember the commercial for this mascara, it showed how when using the primer then the mascara you create cones on your lashes that, when washed, just pop off. This is very true. You can basically peel it right off in the shower. And in the pool (heh). So just be aware it does come off easily with a fair amount of water. Not like it rains and you have black chunks of mascara on your face or anything. Also not suitable for layering. Once the first coat dries it's hard to layer it. However! The first coat is usually all you need. It makes your lashes longer and more full. I often got asked if I was wearing false lashes. I stopped using it because it was a bit out of my price range for a while. Also, picking black clumps of mascara off my face when I got out of the shower got a little annoying after a while.

Pamela K.
Must have changed the formula

I started using this product about 3 years ago and it was my go to mascara. It didn't smudge and was easy to remove (and wasn't horrible if you slept in it!) However after a while I purchased it again and I don't get the same oomph factor like I did before. Before it looked like I was wearing fake lashes and now I looked like any other boring mascara, plus it was a lot harder to take off. I felt like I kept losing eyelashes because it was so stubborn to remove.

Jennifer M.
I didn't like it much.

To me it was nothing like the commercial. I had to use baby oil to take off the mascara! Witch burned my eyes! It was a mess. It's in my "less favorite" drawer for mascara. I wouldn't buy it again for the $12 that I spent I didn't find it worth it in the end.