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Beauty Product Reviews


Like the Kennedy A. said, when the lotion is applied to eye to remove the make up, it does make a big mess because all the eye liner, mascara & eye shadow are mixed together. All you have to do is take a paper towel or tissue and gently wipe the messy area. The make up comes right off your face & it doesn't leave any behind. You might have to wipe the area once or twice to not leave anything but you don't have to use much strength. It leaves your eyes moisturized & it doesn't even look like you just took off your make up. I've tried so many eye make up removers & nothing can take off ALL my eye make up as good as this one (:


I got this as a free sample from Sephora when I used my beauty insider points. Boy was I in love with this !! The first time I used it it made my skin feel like a babys butt haha and all the times that follow was the same! It never dries out your skin. I think it moisturizes your skin. I love to use this to cleanse my face before I go to sleep. It's just tooo comfortable.


This is a nice cleansing foam but it's not Shiseido all crazy. This cleanser does do the whitening trick but it also leaves my skin dry. It makes it feel like I need to pat a lot of lotion on afterwards so I don't really use this till the winter time.


I love the scent although I feel like it's a bit mature for my style. It's a long lasting perfume & I get compliments when I wear this to the malls. It's something I think every girl should own in their collection for days where they want to feel mature (:


This is one of those Body Mist that you would love the first few times using it but then you would start to find its smell annoying & it would bother your nose. I love Victoria's Secrets but this is not a Body Mist that I would purchase more than once.


I love purchasing perfume more than anything (besides make up of course) ! Others may have a collection of photos, marbles, stickers, etc., but I love my perfumes! Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is the ONLY perfume that I purchased at least 4 times ! The scent is long lasting & it's so fresh. Some say that it doesn't age well but I guess I'm a lucky one cause mine always smell as fresh as a new bottle (:

This Mascara is the BOMB!! I've tired a lot of Mascaras before and probably spend like hundreds on dollars on them and nothing compares to Maybelline Colossal Volum' Express Mascara!! They make your lashes fuller and darker and longer! It gives the effect of sexier and flirty look. It goes great with any eye make up you put on. Totally recommend this to people !

Got one from their online store and I haven't stop buying them ever since! They keep my lips moisturized 24/7. Whenever my lips become dry , these pretty little things come into my mind. I don't leave the house without them. They come in different flavors which are fun and tasty. I think everybody should get one of these.