Eye Makeup Remover Lotion


Cristin I.

I love this because my skin is so sensitive that most removers rub my skin raw but this is so perfect! I hate smudgy oil in my eyes and the wipes rip my eyelids all apart :( I recommend this to anyone with delicate skin!

Vanessa W.

It removes eyeliner/shadows really easily but it's pretty messy when you wipe it around your eye and suddenly there's black shimmer eye cream everywhere haha. I like the concept of a moisturizing remover rather than liquid oil based removers, but I don't think I'll be buying this again.

Arielle Z.
Really inconvenient to use.

I used this product for some time before I discovered Neutrogena's hydrating makeup remover wipes (which work so much better). All I can see is that while the lotion smells okay and comes in a cute shiny bottle, that's pretty much all that it's good for. Unless you're willing to squirt this stuff onto tissue after tissue and try to stop your eyeliner and mascara from smearing everywhere, don't get this. It removes the makeup but is messy and a waste of time. If you're looking for something to hydrate your eyes and remove all waterproof makeup without, get the Neutrogena hydrating makeup remover wipes instead. They're much more convenient.

Teri K.

I just bought this recently because I was getting sick of eyeliner and stuff not completely coming off when I cleanse my face. SO! I used this product with cotton balls. First apply a small amount then rub all over eye makeup and it should come off. My eye area felt pretty soft afterwards. I really do like this product because it is a remover and a conditioner. :)

Marissa T.

I was so excited to try this b/c it seemed to be more moisturizing than other eye makeup removers. Once I opened it, the smell just reminded me of school...the lotion smells just like elmers glue. Very disappointing.

Joey W.

Like the Kennedy A. said, when the lotion is applied to eye to remove the make up, it does make a big mess because all the eye liner, mascara & eye shadow are mixed together. All you have to do is take a paper towel or tissue and gently wipe the messy area. The make up comes right off your face & it doesn't leave any behind. You might have to wipe the area once or twice to not leave anything but you don't have to use much strength. It leaves your eyes moisturized & it doesn't even look like you just took off your make up. I've tried so many eye make up removers & nothing can take off ALL my eye make up as good as this one (:

Kennedy A.

I picked this up without really thinking about it. After squirting some in my hand and rubbing it onto my eyes, I then realized that I had just made my entire eye area black and I was going to have to do some serious clean up. I wouldn't reccomend this. After applying the lotion, I rubbed around my makeup a bit and then had to use my makeup removing wipes to remove the mess. Good idea but ya....