Victoria's Secret

The Body Mist


Kayla L.

This is one of my favorite perfumes that I have. It has a smell that sticks with you through out the day. The scent is very refreshing and feminine. My boyfriend loves this perfume too! I recommend this to all the ladies with men in their life...he will love it I promise!

Ashley M.

I love this body mist because it has a sweet smell to and the scent stay with you . I love Victoria secrets perfumes and body mist there are my favorite .

Ryann G.

i actually really love this. the scent really stays with you. it smells very sweet with hints of floral. i bought the mini size, i think that i want to buy a bigger bottle and give it to everyone i know.

Joey W.

This is one of those Body Mist that you would love the first few times using it but then you would start to find its smell annoying & it would bother your nose. I love Victoria's Secrets but this is not a Body Mist that I would purchase more than once.