Beauty Product Reviews

Great for oily skin!

I have EXTREMELY oily skin AND I live in Florida. That makes finding a good long lasting foundation a nightmare. This foundation blew me away. The coverage is great and I wore this outside on a hot day for hours without looking like a grease ball. I do have to warn you, though. You need to work fast with blending this foundation, because it can be a little thick and dries quickly. Other than that, it's perfect!

Very smooth and moisturizing!

I decided to try this product due to all of the hype. Let me just say, the hype is well deserved! I tend to get really dry lips and it's difficult for me to wear lipsticks when that happens. However, even if my lips are dry and not completely smooth, I can still use this product and my lips look amazing! It is extremely smooth and almost melts onto your lips. It's also incredibly pigmented for just being a tinted lip balm sort of product. I can't wait to try more colors!

I absolutely LOVE this mask! I usually use it about once a week and twice if my skin seems to be more troubled than normal. This mask is really inexpensive and easy to find. I found mine at a local grocery store and it is available at most beauty supply stores. It comes in a tube or a jar, but I much prefer the tube! While using the jar, I would often get the mask under my fingernails and it just wasn't very pleasant! I have really oily skin, but my skin is also pretty sensitive, and I have had nothing but great results. I like to use this in the mornings because of the nice cooling sensation it gives. It really wakes me up and makes my skin feel so smooth and refreshed! This is definitely worth the buy!

My absolute favorite mascara!

I absolutely LOVE this mascara! I used to only use the Lash Blast Fusion, but now I definitely prefer this one! It separates, lifts, lengthens and also gives a lot of volume. I find this one to give you much more of a falsie look than the Maybelline Falsies mascara. Definitely worth the money!!

Really great shades that everyone needs!

Like everyone else, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this! I was on a waiting list for months and when I finally got my hands on one, I was NOT disappointed! The Naked palette has the kind of shades that every girl needs at least one of - all in one palette! This is really great for travel and the colors are really well expected of Urban Decay! Nice mix of shimmery and matte colors. I only wish I had gotten one before they replaced the double ended eyeliners with the brush. The brush is normally around $26, so that's really great, but I feel that I would have used the eyeliners much more.

Amazing lashes!

This is hands down my most favorite mascara of all time! It lengthens, separates, and thickens all at the same time. It doesn't clump and it gives you the look of false eyelashes with 1-2 coats. Definitely recommended!!

This used to be my absolute favorite mascara! That is...until I found the LashBlast Fusion. Even still, I would definitely recommend this product! It separates and thickens the lashes wonderfully. However, maybe it's just me, but I tend to like this mascara better after I've used it for a few weeks. At first it just feels like there is too much product on the wand.

Definitely my favorite!

I really love this products! It works great, smells great, and doesn't leave a residue on my hair. I have really fine hair, and on top of that, it tends to get very oily. I love that this conditions my hair without adding to the oiliness!