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Natural Beige 240

I agree with Stephanie T. -- this product actually worked for me, and although it doesnt have SPF, I actually kinda like that because it doesn't give me a shiny cast in flash photos (which is what I wear in most of my pics btw). For me, it blended out nicely with a stippling brush (which is what I prefer best w/ this foundie), but I sometimes also use a flat foundation brush (like MAC's 190) & it works fine too.

It gives me a subtle, dewy finish which is nice, but I don't have perfect skin, so I always use a setting powder with it. Also, I actually didn't have to buy two shades to mix, and Natural Beige was a PERFECT match for my NC30-NC35 shade. I will say, the reason I knocked off 2.5 stars is because:

1) The packaging is ODD -- the sponge applicator is cheap, thin & soaks up too much of the product & the fact that the bulk of the packaging it just the twist off cap/lid.

and 2) It doesn't last too long -- On days where I'm not running around everywhere or not having a long day, i'll be lucky to get 4-5 hours of staying powder before I have to retouch my face.


i love these lipsticks and are some of my top picks for drugstore brand lippies. Very pigmented, buttery smooth, and creamy with a great range of colors -- you're bound to find at least one or two favs! The only downfall is that you have to be very careful in choosing your lipstick, because some have an obvious play-doh scent (which are the bad ones). I always smell mine to see which is a goodie, and it should smell like vanilla/coconuts.

Here's a photo of me rockin' one of their newer shades "Fuschia Fever" which I am sooooo loving! I added a teensy bit of Revlon's Super Lustrous "Pink Pop" gloss. <3

50/50 for me

Firstly, I'm not a fan of scented skincare products, especially ones that are supposed to clean your face.... but this was an exception. Idk what it is, but TO ME, it was a pleasant, fresh scent :o) The texture of these towelletes are amazingly soft & thick and just the right amount of moisture -- no tearing, pulling, or drying out after 2 swipes (*cough*garnier*cough*). It literally ate through all my waterproof mascara, liner, shadows, foundation, EVERYTHING!

I was a complete fan UNTIL... I felt my face afterwards. My skin felt oily/greasy =T I still use these, cuz it does an amazing job at removing my make-up, but I still have to wash my face after w/ a cleanser (well, I almost always do w/ any make-up remover). Luckily, that greasy residue feeling doesn't break me out or anything, but still. That's really the only reason I gave this 3.5 stars.

Worth the whopping $1! haha

After reading & hearing about people raving on this product, I had to give it a try. Luckily, my local Target is remodeling & they FINALLY started carrying e.l.f stuff & I didn't have to drive far just to get under $5 products haha! So I picked this lil baby up, and I have to say.. for being only a dollar, it stacks up pretty decently against other high-end primers.

My problem is that I have really oily lids, and products that are more on the creamy base side, hardly work on me. I liked the formula of this primer -- light, airy, silky, and dries to a smooth canvas. I've been testing it out for a week, and I purposely did variations of eye looks from colorful/dramatically smokey eyes to simple bronzey looks, just to see if it worked. So far, I have NOT experienced any fading or creasing! For me, I was impressed & will be repurchasing in the future :o)

The only thing I'm not a fan of, is of course the packaging. But what can you say or expect? You're not paying for the packaging!

Great drugstore lipsticks!

I own a few of these lipsticks, and I'm pretty happy with most of them. The pinks & reds from this ColorBurst line are absolutely lovely and definitely deserve the high raves they get. The formula is nice -- moisturizing, applies smoothly & is creamy, and it doesn't dry out on your lips (rather, just fades a bit if anything). With the moisturizing feature of these lipsticks, I find that you can wear these without a gloss, as they do have a slight gloss effect which is a plus. I appreciate the packaging of thes also! They're super chic, modern and is reminiscent to high-end brands with the label embossed into the product.

The fact that these are drugstore items, I can say I am impressed with the quality that Revlon puts out! It's one of the better brands that drugstores carry IMO, and with the prices, you really can't go wrong (and you won't feel too bad if you end up not liking something).

I will say though, I wasn't a fan of the shades "Petal" and "Pink Sugar" -- you could feel the grittyness from the shimmer & the color pay-off just wasn't up-to-par with the rest of the shades available (literally sheer to no color at all). BUT, I do have naturally pigmented lips (although "Soft Nude" muted my lips out without a base/liner, so......idk). If you have light lips, you might be able to pull those two colors off.

All-in-all, definitely get your hands on these & try them out if you haven't!

IT'S 50/50

PROS: The coverage is amazing. It stacks up to (if not better) than high-end products, and I prefer these over my MAC Studio Finish concealers. The formula is almost mousse-like & when you blend it in, it finishes off flawlessly. As for the highlighter, they coordinate with the shades available perfectly & they add the right amount of luminosity. I love using them on the bridge of my nose, under my eye area & a bit above the brows.

CONS: THE AMOUNT you get is so backwards. You run out of the concealer itself, and you're left with all of the highlight product on the other end. To me, that should be the other way around, since you'd use more concealer & only a little bit with a highlight. Also, there's only 4 available shades (Light, Light/Med, Medium & Dark).


I don't have this one yet, cuz I'm pretty loyal to my Colossal, but can anyone here give a comparisson of the two if you have them both?? I keep looking at the applicator of this mascara & keep thinking I'm not gonna like it >__<

When I first used this product, I fell in love! It's rich in color & formula, but it began to dry out maybe half way down the jar :( That's expected tho from any cream/gel liners that you use often, but still.. for the price of it, I kind of wish it didn't dry out so quick. The only reason I gave this a 3.5, is because I've found such a good dupe for this >> Wet 'N Wild's creme liner. Yes, WET 'N WILD has an awesome dupe for MAC lol. I've found that it's a lot darker than MAC's, and for the fraction of the price, heck yes. Try it out ladies, you might like it ;)


I was super disappointed with this, cuz I honestly think Milani is among one of the better (and underrated) drugstore brands out there. The colors are great & vibrant, but the product itself... well, it just sucked :( It's thick & goopy, very much like all the other previous comments said. There's a lotttttt of other options out there, so don't bother!

This pencil definitely beats out higher-end products, hands down. The price is ridiculously affordable, and the quality of it amazing. It's definitely darker than Smashbox & UD, and its staying-power is a plus (esp for a drugstore). You do have to be careful, as it is super soft & creamy.. kind of reminds me of MAC's Eye Kohl in "Smolder" (which is definitely MUCH darker than Milani's though), so a little goes a long way. Great investment if you haven't tried!

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