Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector

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Roxanne M.
best undereye concealer

This the sh*t. I would marry this stuff if it meant it lasted till the day I died. It conceals undereye darkness beautifully. Creaseless,flawless coverage. The hightlighter is awesome. It's shimmer and glitter free. Awesome for natural looking highlighting on cheekbones nose chin,and under eyes. It def. Lasts a long time on and makes you appear more awake and younger. What an amazing cheap product!!! I also want to add you can buy this off of for a lot cheaper now about 5$ well worth it.

Paula J.
Good but too small!

This was my nº1 concealer - highlighter product but it finished too fast! The amount was very small! The apply pencils where perfect too! really soft. The product wasn't oily at all and it had a very good coverage but I wouldn't purchase it again because it doesn't worth it. In Argentina I paid an equivalent of 12 dollars and it's too expensive here for such a small amount of product.

Nikki G.

THIS WOULD BE AMAZING IF THE AMOUNT YOU GET WAS ATLEAST 'STANDARD' WAHH :( I absolutely love the highlight !!!!! stays matte all day/night once set with translucent powder. Concealer is good too.

Dani C.

I LOVE this concealer. I don't use the highlighter that much so i wish that they would just sell the concealer by itself in a regular size tube (although it is surprising how much I was able to scrape out of 1 tube). This blends so easily and covers sooo well. I use it for both my dark circles and my blemishes. It does it all. It lasts all day long and the perfect consistency for me. I am not a fan of thicker concealers. I think it's discontinued though. :( If anyone has a dupe that would be amazing if you could share! :)

Kennedy A.
Love this, few flaws.

This is my everyday concealer. I do not have dark circles under my eye so I always apply the highlighter side underneath my eyes and it really brightens and has a bit of coverage. My friend that has bad dark undereye circles did not like the highlighter side for under her eyes because it did not have enough coverage. But generally highlighters aren't used for under eye concealing! The concealer side has the most amazing coverage and blends really easily. It's quite thick and a little bit goes a long way so don't apply to much. The only negative thing about it is that it looks terrible over anything dry so if you have dry areas around your nose, don't put it there. It enhances the dry patches. Also, I thought I was out of product and then i shook the tube really hard and ended up finding that I had enough left to last me a few more months!

Sonja D.

If I could give this 10 stars I would! This is the number one product that I cannot live without! I have to have this! I use the highlight under my eyes because I don't have terrible dark circles and it really helps! And the concealer pigmentation is amazing! I have acne scars and I cannot tell you how often people tell me how amazing my skin is. Umm... no it's not but this stuff makes it look so much better!

Sarah Louise H.
Pretty Decent

I really like the formula of the concealer.. My only issue with it is that i dont feel there was enough product for the price.. I dont use the highlight and I was scraping the edges for about a week until I caved and bought a new concealer. I bought the other maybelline concealer that is the same price as this one without the highlight and it is pretty much identical formula, theres just more in it.

Kris E.
IT'S 50/50

PROS: The coverage is amazing. It stacks up to (if not better) than high-end products, and I prefer these over my MAC Studio Finish concealers. The formula is almost mousse-like & when you blend it in, it finishes off flawlessly. As for the highlighter, they coordinate with the shades available perfectly & they add the right amount of luminosity. I love using them on the bridge of my nose, under my eye area & a bit above the brows.

CONS: THE AMOUNT you get is so backwards. You run out of the concealer itself, and you're left with all of the highlight product on the other end. To me, that should be the other way around, since you'd use more concealer & only a little bit with a highlight. Also, there's only 4 available shades (Light, Light/Med, Medium & Dark).

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