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HG Liquid Liner

I absolutely love liquid liner and what it does for my small eyes. This was actually the first liquid liner I ever bought and I learned how to do liquid with this product. That being said, I've bought so many other brands thinking that they have to be better than my cheap NYC liquid. I don't even know why I bother because I love this one so much and all others just pale in comparison. I can stop the search for my HG liquid liner because I've had it the whole time. Completely opaque, easy to use, never flakes on me, black as black can get, and it even stays on through sweat and tears.

Just another Aussie Lover!!

Everyone who's raved about this product can truly be believed. I have long, fine hair that tends to get dry at the ends during the summer. I use this as directed, as a longer leave in, on wet hair, on dry, and it always brings my dry ends back to life. Unbelievable for the $3-$4 price!!

Pleasant Surprise!

I really love the formula of this mascara. It lengthens like a dream and doesn't smudge or flake throughout the day. The brush is a little too long for me and my eyes, it tends to clump my lashes if I'm not careful, so I just use a different brush I've saved from an old mascara.

Definitely worth the buy, though, and it's a great price point of $2!!

My go-to Gel Liner

This is a great cream liner, the only brand I use for daily wear when I want to wear cream/gel. I use my own brush (the one that comes with is much too small) and it applies very smoothly. Once the product sets, I never have issues with smudging. I have never tried it on my waterline, though. Everybody else mentions the price, which is unbeatable at $3 for a product that actually works!

The one issue I have with the liner is that one application is not as deeply black as I would want it to be. To fix this, I just wait for the product to set a little bit and then apply a "second coat" of sorts to darken it. This works perfectly to fix the problem, but if you are looking for a one swipe flawless black to save time, this probably isn't the product for you.

AAAAnd I'm officially obsessed

I have been hearing one of my favorite youtube guru EmilyNoel83 talk about these forever and I was always so skeptical, but I wanted a couple new eye shadows for cheap. This trio, which cost me less than $3 at Walmart, is one of the best I have ever used!! I'm hooked.

I have the trio "I'm getting sunburned" and I could not be happier. The shadows are very soft and plush with surprisingly little fallout (at least that I noticed). The crease color in this trio looks in the pan like a sparkly brownish purple, but it applies much darker than it would seem! If I bought the trio just for that shade, I would have been disappointed, but I like it.

I took off half a star because the crease shade can be a little bit difficult to blend, but that is because it is so highly pigmented! That's the only bad thing I could think of, so that should tell you something. Completely worth it, try it and you will be just as surprised as I was!

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Perfect Red

This lipstick is awesome. The color is a great red for my multi-ethnic, tan in the summer but not in the winter, multiple undertone-d skin (and I know I'm not the only one out there!) I don't have issues with this lipstick sliding off or transferring, but I always blot after application, just out of habit.

This also layers really well. If I want my lipstick color to last all day, I can run on two layers of this color and not *need* to retouch for color. I reapply when my lips get dried out halfway through the day or so.

Is there a reason NOT to buy this brush?

The bad news is, there isn't much I can say about this brush that hasn't already been said. The good news is, this brush consistently rocks for everyone!

I have no shedding at all when I use this brush. It's great for flawless liquid foundation application. I also use it for a more sheer coverage with my powder foundation. This brush is also easy to clean, which is a great plus.

Not a Concealer Brush

Well, looks like I agree with almost everyone else who's reviewed this brush. I don't use it as a concealer brush. But, I didn't buy it for that purpose. I needed a small brush to use to apply eye shadow to my crease before blending (really just precise eyeshadow application in general). It works great for that and I've been thinking about trying to use it to apply cream eye liner as well.

It's only $1, trust me, you'll find something great to use it for!

Cutest perfume EVER!!

Everything the girls have been saying on here about the scent is spot on. It's sweet and feminine, pretty at the same time, but also fun.

I was searching around for post-holiday deals at my local TJMaxx and I found this perfume in a SOLID PERFUME LOCKET and I'm in love. So cute. If you find it, don't hesitate! SO unique and fabulous!

Plum Purple = Fab Love

I absolutely love this product. I have it in the plum/purple shade and I just want to own every other shade after the experience I've had. First off, the eye shadow stick is really sturdy, which is awesome, and applies easily to the lid. And once it's on, it's on!! I never have a problem with creasing (I use the ELF primer side of the concealer/highlighter duo). You get plenty of product on the shadow side.

There isn't a super whole lot of product on the liner side and, if you forget to retract it all the way back before capping it will get smashed. It's my fault I keep forgetting that, haha. But the liner is a subtly gorgeous shade of deep purple and I love using it along with my normal black eyeliner for a duo-colored look. Because I do this, I don't end up using as much of the liner, so I don't find that I run out of one side before the other.

Amazing product, amazing price!!!

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