Beauty Product Reviews

Great edible lip scrub!

I am absolutely in love with this sugar lip scrub. It is nice and coarse, and it smells just like a peppermint patty. It's edible, so you can use it on the go and just lick it off to give your breath a hint of sweet mint. Definitely a must have!

Must have for any wavy head!

I got these last month and I think they're fantastic! They don't pull or tangle the hair, and they're super easy to use. The box gives ideas for how to use each size/shape of pin. I use these when I need to put my hair in a secure bun now. These have saved my hair from the dreaded ponytail breakage!

Gone through 3 bottles, plan to get a 4th!

I love love love this scent! It's nice and fruity, and it's not too heavy. All of my friends use it when they come over, and my boyfriend loves it! It also helps that it's by Ed Hardy!

Great strip!

I'm totally digging these blackhead removing strips! It's kind of gross to see everything that comes out of my pores, but at least I know it's working! The strips take about 15 minutes to solidify and work best right after a shower. They're expensive, but worth it!

I have two of these lip stains. I use them quite a bit, but they don't stay on through eating. Pretty good wear for a cream stain, but I'd stick to a more liquid stain if you're looking for extreme longwear.

Great color payoff, don't like the design.

I like the trio that I got (Starlet) quite a bit. The color payoff is great, and the shadows are pretty velvety with minimal fallout. The only part I don't like about these trios are that the colors are connected instead of in individual pots.

Raccoon eyes, raccoon eyes, RACCOON EYES!

I hated how this mascara gave me raccoon eyes like crazy! It gave me good lashes, but I had dark circles within the hour. I don't recommend this mascara at all.

It's so coconut-y!

I'm in love with the smell! This soap lathers well and rinses clean. It even leaves a hint of coconut on my skin! I probably wouldn't use this as a shampoo, but I'm sure it works just as well to clean hair as it does to clean my skin.

Yummy smell!

I got this as a birthday gift from Sephora. It smells like cake! It's pretty thick for a soap, but it lathers very well. It rinses clean and leaves a hint of cake on my skin. It's like having a birthday every time I use it!


I have the coral pigment and I am SO happy with the color payoff! This blush shows up great on my skin color, and it's buildable, which is important to me. I'm so grateful that there's a coral blush that's MATTE out there! Thank you Tarte Cosmetics!

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