Ed Hardy

Ed Hardy Women


Taylor G.

I love this product soooo much. it smells amazing and I always get compliments when I wear it. such a good choice of perfume. not to mention its pretty cheap and worth every cent.

Lara C.

I havent had this in a while, but its something im getting myself very soon. As someone who is very sensitive to smell, I LOVE IT. Its so sweet and girly<3 but not too harsh at the same time. I would recommend this for anyone. Its great for daytime and evening as well. LOVE IT:)

Kourtnay Koko O.

Smells awesome. Always get compliments on it. And it stays on all day. It is a little pricey but it doesn't take much so the bottle lasts a long time.

Bittersweet R.

This is my all time every day perfume. I can just spray a little bit and I will be set for my whole day. No matter how old this perfume gets I will always repurchase it. Do not buy it if you don't like sweet smells. This is a great spring/summer smell.

Diane H.
my favorite scent

I have been wearing this scent for years, i have tried to switch it up over the past few years, but i always seem to come back to this scent. I just find it to be the perfect scent, not too strong and smells lovely as it fades.

Emilie G.

This by far has been one of my favorite fragrances! I always get so many compliments on it. You never have to put too much on for it to last all day either, so one bottle lasts awhile. Def a MUST HAVE! xoxo

Ncy L.

on my 3rd bottles already! seems like i could just drink it!lol..it smells so great. for me it gives the feeling about being not too girly, its like woman who is into motorcycle stuff and fashionable at the same time..it Rocks!

Nayda R.

This is my favorite perfume ever!!!! I always get compliments when I wear Ed Hardy went to the perfume mania and got the bogo deal so I bought this perfume for 25.00 dollars!! Thats a great deal for me, I fell inlove with this perfume!!! A must have for all women :)

Nicki N.
My first perfume from a boyfriend

I got this for Christmas going on 4 years ago from an ex of mine. It smells great and it constantly gave me compliments whenever I wear it. I love Christian Audigier for lazy days and the perfume is one of my signature daytime perfumes.

Bekah D.

this smells.. AMAZING! so perfect for spring/summer. It will wear on you all day and then some. The price for the size is great also. Everytime that i would wear this people commented on how great it was. I would buy this again for myself or gift it.