Pore Purifying Black Charcoal Strips


Kia K.
Worth the money!
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These strips worked a ton times better than the common drugstore brand. I've used these twice, and I made my boyfriend use one as well. Haha. That was interesting.

Anywho, these strips are very effective. My boyfriend was in shock at how much showed up on his strip. He vowed at that moment to start taking better care of his face. My results weren't as dramatic as his was, but there were things left on the strip. As the person before me mentioned, they do a hurt a bit when removed. However, I still recommend them, and would definitely repurchase.

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Shannyn W.

I love Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips. I tend to get blackheads on my nose and I have always used Biore Pore Strips. They both removed all of my blackheads but I have noticed that the Boscia strips apply better on my nose. It stayed applied to my septum where the Biore Strips never stayed on properly and resulted in missing some blackheads.

Easy to use and works great!

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Krystle R.

I've been searching for the best blackhead remover, and I started from using biore, exact, and even michelle phan's diy, but non of them works perfectly for me. I mean they do work, but it doesn't remove everything. So, I decided to try this one, and I must say this is the best i've tried so far, it's less painful when you peel it off, the black color helps you see how much oil is removed from your pores, and I think this pore strip removes at least 80% of your blackheads than any other products.

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Maggie M.

I have never used any black head extractor type product before.. The results were good, not great, ,but good. It did hurt taking off. Made my eyes tear up like crazy. But I was pleased with the results. Price really isn't the bad either. 6 for $15.

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Emily S.
Great strip!

I'm totally digging these blackhead removing strips! It's kind of gross to see everything that comes out of my pores, but at least I know it's working! The strips take about 15 minutes to solidify and work best right after a shower. They're expensive, but worth it!

Amanda G.

These don't seem to work any better than a typical pore strip. They worked just fine, but I didn't give it 5 stars because of the price point. The Biore strips work the same and cost less.