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My favorite little egg

I call these things my little egg. I got my bf into calling them that too and he secretly has one in his car at all times. It goes on so smooth and stays on for hours. I love that it comes in tons of flavors/shades/scents...a must try would have to be the green one: Honeydew

It did the job

I used this cleaner for years. Not until recently did I just start using ant-bac hand soap with warm water. It worked just as well with an added scent. I liked the ability to spot clean with the MAC brand brush cleaner when I am on the go...but to save money ill stick with the hand soap!

My favorite NON makeup brush

This brush has been seen in almost all of my NAIL videos. Yes nail - I use it to clean around my nails to give myself that clean 'just from the salon' look. I hate when I see beautiful polish all over the fingers when its made for just your nails. A little bit of polish remover in a cap + this brush and you are on your way to a perfect mani pedi!

Lost and never found

Like most of us, MAC is a brand that we swear by. I am not a huge fan of a powder finish but I heard so much about this product and how "natural" the coverage was. Needless to say; I lost my MAC Mineralized Skinfinish and never found it....because I didnt care too much to look for it.

A for effort, but not worth the car trip to the beauty supply store.

OPI had me at "Shatter". I really did not like the way it looked mainly because the formula was not as thick as I expected. I think the over coats need to be solid and rich in color. It was a cool thought but I am going to stick to silver as my base and black as my primary over coat for the shatter. Originals are always hard to top!

Over night blessing!

This diaper cream is amazing. It was given to me by my friend Carly and it works wonders! I dont think anything works better or faster. If you are a need to have this in you baby bag!

On the run color

I was surprised I loved it. Usually cheap ($3 USD) foundations are too pink or too orange from my experience. This one was perfect! I love it! I use it on the days I am not doing much, but I dont want to walk around feeling and LOOKING like a zombie haha. Its $3, not much to lose.

NATURAL would look beautiful on everyone

I love this lipgloss formula, and scent. I dont know what it is about the smell but I love it. Also the formula is not sticky at all and makes my lips look fuller. The color pay off is amazing. NATURAL will look great on anyone and perfect for tween/teens looking for a little color change from the safe CRYSTAL/CLEAR gloss.

Love NYX - Hated these pencils

I dont like to talk badly about products, and I love NYX, but the jumbo pencils are overrated! The thing I didnt like was the fact that I couldnt get past the tip because it is not sharpener friendly and it creases. Ive used MILK and BLACK BEAN a few times but they are so greasy they slide off. I would go with a regular liner by NYX and pass on these.

Everyday Lip Color for months!

When I first got a real taste of makeup...I started with MAC. Freckletone (L) Lipstick was my first and I wore it everyday for months on end. If you are a nude lip lover like myself you will LOVE this shade. Its got a hint of peach and is perfect for spring!

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