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5+ Star brush!

I am obsessed with this brush. I think I have shoved this down everyones throats with how much I rave about it. I use it everyday for everything from tinted moisturizer to liquid foundation. Love love love it. Sigma is amazing <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>

Get out of the door faster - top coat

If you cant sit and wait for your nails to dry - like myself - then this is the top coat you need in your life. I love it. I swear by it. I carry it in my purse for quick &#34;polish pick me ups&#34; This polish you need to really shop around because it can get pretty pricey. I would price check a few place to save a few bucks. I bought this anywhere from $6 to $11. Check it out!

My cover-all concealer

This bad -girl- can cover anything from pimples that surprised you on prom day, to the dark circles you got from being up all night with a new born. I have used this is a number of recent tutorials ( <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a> ) and its amazing. I heard that it was hard to find, but it is worth every penny...and the time spent looking for it! I call it my Kim Kardashian concealer lol because she has been wearing heavy concealer lately, I love her and it looks fab!

Smooth Coversation Starter

I call this lip blam my &#34;egg&#34; haha. I love it. I have one in red, yellow, and now green. I personally love the green one the most. My boyfriend even loves it too! This is a summer must have to keep your lips nice and smooth ;]

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