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I have this in Orchid and Bordeaux and I am obsessed with them. The formula is fantastic, glides on smoothly and isn't too sticky. They both have a good scent though I can't put my finger on what it is, and lastly the color payoff is amazing! Bordeaux is definitely my favourite because I always want to try a red lip but they wear off easily on me and tend to look a little "try-hard" on me, but this colour is perfect and makes me feel sexy, grown, and confident.

My Go-To Blush For A Perfectly Flushed Cheek!

I can't even begin to describe how much I love this blush. As always, MAC comes through with great pigmentation, colour, and easy to apply & blend. Dainty is a staple in my make-up collection, I have two back ups of this shade! If I can't figure out what to wear on my cheeks or I'm in a rush, I can always rely on this to throw on or in my make up bag. I even like to swipe on Yes To Carrots Lip Butter and pat this on over it for a laid-back pink pout. I would definitely recommend this and will repurchase when I go through my back-ups!

Definitely not a necessity.. but a fun product to have

I have been yearning for a Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc for ages, ever since I swatched them in Sephora maybe a year ago, and I always wanted the golden mosaic shade, but my Sephora was sold out of it, so I picked up the peach mosaic. I was so excited to use this until it came time to actually break it out... which, at that point, I couldn't figure out what in the heck to do with it! I like to use the bottom champagne shade as a highlight on the bridge of my nose, forehead, chin, cheekbones, and cupid's bow.. and honestly that is the only part of this product I have used, and I've had it a little over a month! I feel that this will be more appropriate for use in the summer months, when I am tan, for a sheer, shimmery, glow on my cheeks. I can't really justify paying for it again, though.. far too expensive for a product that I can only really get use out of a few months out of the year!

My favourite primer so far!

I must say with embarrassment that I am new to using a face primer.. :x! Ever since I have used face make up, I have only used a moisturizer before foundation, concealer, etc. A few months ago I tried out the L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base and was very disappointed in it.. I didn't see any significant difference in my skin, make up, and it just seemed like another product that I bought and don't need or even enjoy using. However when I was browsing the Smashbox section of Ulta I was drawn to this.. ever since I worked there, this product has stood out to me.. and I am SO glad I finally picked it up! I love that you only need a little product to go a very long way, it glides on smoothly and feels like silk on your skin, helps my foundation go on more smoothly, and best of all - my make up has been lasting noticeably longer since using this! I am now a primer user for life! I use this with MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation, Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder, and for night's out, Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray.

A great, light moisturizer for the warmer months

During the warmer months I use a lighter moisturizer, just like almost everyone else, and I have been alternating this with Philosophy's Hope In A Jar most days. It has a wonderful fresh, light, and clean feeling when applied to my face & neck. The best part of this moisturizer is how much product you get, because one full pump is more than enough for my entire face, neck, and decollete. I like to use this product when the weather is dry and in the 70's or hotter. I also use this in the morning to waken my skin up, and at night before I go to bed to seal in some extra moisture. I've also used this on my boyfriend because he gets flaky patches on the corners of his nose like I do, and he loves it as well!

I have been using the Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray for a veeeeery long time now, and finally decided to switch it up and purchase Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray, and I can happily say that I am pleasantly surprised! I have read tons of reviews before purchasing this, and was skeptical because I have seen where so many people talk about it giving their hair a weird crunchy feel and the smell was awful, but I finally decided to try it out. I L-O-V-E the smell! It reminds me of the perfume they spray in Hollister and after I apply heat to my hair it fades into a very gentle scent. I spray this on my hair after I completely let it air dry, brush through to evenly distribute the product, let dry, and then style with my heated tools. I feel as though my flat iron glides smoothly over my hair, as if the spray has actually sealed every cuticle and split end together and formed a sort of film around each strand. I know that can sound iffy, but the way the "film" is on my locks isn't gross - it's comforting, it feels like I am really protecting my hair with the best product out there. I use this with Chi Silk Infusion and have seen a significant improvement in my hair's condition, texture, and shine.

My new favourite foundation!

My holy grail foundation is most definitely Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation, and I'm pretty sure I rave about it every chance I get, and everytime I review a new foundation, HOWEVER! I am so in love with MUFE HD Invisible Cover Foundation! It has a lighter feel than Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation, has incredible coverage, fantastic lasting power, and is so easy to blend when using my Sephora Collection #44 Pro Stippling Brush. It is also very moisturising and I find that my skin doesn't get flaky in certain spots if I over-do my foundation routine, which is great! I can't decide if this is better or just as good as Laura Mercier, but I can't live without it now! It is definitely worth the price ♡

The only one worth your time and money is milk

I picked up three NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils from Ulta about three weeks ago, in the colours Milk, Strawberry Milk, and Yogurt. Although Strawberry Milk & Yogurt are absolutely fabulous colours - they don't do much as a base on my lids. For some reason, Milk is the only one that does not crease for me! Milk is definitely a holy grail product for me now and I would suggest it to anyone, I just wish NYX would change the formula in the other shades so that I can fully enjoy them as well.

I can make my own cleanser without spending as much

I used to use MAC's Brush Cleanser religiously... then I heard about DIY recipes and how a ton of MUA's actually think of this cleanser as a JOKE! I don't see much of a difference in this brush cleanser and my mixture of 1 cup distilled water, 2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol, and 1 tablespoon baby shampoo.. other than my recipe smells better! I just don't see this as being worth the money.

Worth the splurge!

I purchased this product yesterday from Sephora, and although I kindof winced at the idea of spending $34 on a lipstick, it was SO SO SO worth it! I cannot emphasize enough that if you have the money and are looking for a HG lipstick, I would highly recommend this! This product gives the most gorgeous, creamy, pigmented, glossy finish ever! The packaging is absolutely beautiful - I think I'll purchase every shade that I like over time, seeing as I can't afford to buy them all at once, but I would love to see these standing up front and center on my vanity. I fell in love as soon as I swatched this and couldn't decide between Peach Passion and Faubourg Peach. I decided on Peach Passion because it is the most flattering shade of peach I have found for my skin tone. It is perfect for everyday, whether I am taking it easy with minimal make up, or going all out with a dramatic look. I will definitely re-purchase!

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