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I have the shade Createur, which is an old pink, blue toned pink. The lipstick is so great... Sheer, and this shade very discreet! It is so easily buildable I can use it for day time at university, just as much as for an evening with gloss on top (or without!). It is so elegant and yet nice to wear, moisturizing... I have very bad skin bcause of genes and my lips tend to be extra dry so this is perfect, I can wear it all day long it stays pretty well, could be better on that point though I guess. I also use it as a blush cream. I apply it fingers and build it up slowly. The smell is amazing, like my mum's lipsticks I used to steal when I was a kid! Well she only had Dior ones haha Really great, I love it and would buy it again.

Good but not perfect

I like the product, it is really smooth, goes well onto the skin, and is really highly pigmented, which is great! I wanted a goldish highlighter for once, but I actually got a bit disappointed about it... Being gold and me being pale, I think it's kind of too dark for me even if very reflecting? And it is definitely too sparkly for me. But it is a good product though, it's just my personal taste! I wouldn't recommend it to someone with a similar skintone but definitely should be ideal for someone a bit tanner/darker!

Like it!

I really like this blush, it is so smooth and I love this soft pastel hot pink I chose! And you need only a very tiny bit because it's pretty well pigmented! I apply it with my fingers though and then blend it, seems like brushes don't want to catch the pigments! And what a shame, the brush inside is too tiny and hard for my sensitive skin. But the product is good!

Truely amazing!

I absolutely love this product... I have a dry sensitive skin... If I apply anything too heavy, my face turns red, my skin cannot breath undersneath and looks just so aweful. So the Maybelling Fit Me concealer is just perfect... The watery consistency is perfect because it helps me to avoid the "cakey" effect I have a lot with my foundations and my other concealers... The color is perfect with any of my foundations, is it yellow or pink based because it brightens my eyes so amazingly! It blends VERY well into the skin (use the triangle technique to apply it, makes wonders!). The applicator is good also, simple and quick to use, you just need your fingers to blend it. And it stays all day long! I have worn it during 8 or 9 hours without even powder and it stayed pretty well! The coverage is okay too. It is not a heavy coverage but it is way enough for a daily makeup I think. I also tried to use it as a foundation and oh boy, it is amazing! Even better I think because it makes your skin so smooth and soft! Definitely love this product, hope to try the rest of the Fit me products soon! xxx

PS: Picture shows the before and the after.

Pretty good

I really like OPI, their polishes are great! I have a yellow and a green one, they both are amazing, very good quality, great texture, doesn't chip fast if you use a top coat on top of it. The only thing I could say is that your need several layers of nail polish to get a really strong color... And it is a bit long to dry, I think. But if you got the time to apply it, then it is perfect!!

LOVE it!!

This nail polish is awesome. It is really easy to apply, and the bottle is so big, you have for months! Cheep, useful, classy and elegant, best nail polish for now!!

LOVE it!!

I have psoriasis (so eczema) and my legs are SO dry in winter and even MORE in summer! And it works WONDERFUL for dry skin! We all used it this summer after a few days at the swimming pool in Spain, it was so hot and my sis' got a lil burn on her face. She tried everything, without listening to me. She FINALLY used it: two days later she was feeling amazing, her skin was repaired and glowy from the sun! She ended my bottle... hahaha It is amazing, I will buy and buy and buy this product again and again. You can apply it everywhere: body AND face just as my sister did, but I don't recommen it as a daily moisturizer for your face!


My childhood!! This shampoo is amazing: smells yummy, bubbles, your hair is fresh, clean and smooth, like baby hair!! I also use it to clean my brushes... LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!! It is also great if you have blond hair, it will lighten a tiny bit your hair, so you'll get this healthy beautiful summery glow! And it is great for every kind of hair: oily, dry, damaged (ABOVE ALL DAMAGED!), healthy, baby, adult, kids, teen, grandmas, grandpas, EVERYBODY! :DDD


I went to buy the Primer potion by Urban Decay, but finally went for the SHadow insurance by Too Faced, and it is really nice! I like the color, it blends very well and the texture is very nice to feel. You don't need much so you can use it for a long time, even if the tube is pretty tiny (as every primer...). It really does make stay your eyeshadow longer and without creasing. Will buy a new one when this one ends!! :)

Great, but not convinced... I like it, it does a great job, but it looses a lot of density when you apply your color with it... though it is kind of waterproof and stayed well in place once settled!

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