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Ohmygoodness! This little ball of cuteness is a miracle! I just go mine and I am obsessed. I bought the Summer Fruit one and the smell and taste is to die! It has a really smooth feel that is not greasy. I dont have a problem with 'staying power' because I reapply it quite often just because I love the scent! My lips already feel softer and smoother after just a few days of using it. The packaging is so adorable and unique xo


I really needed a good hydrating lip balm for work and at night and this is absolutely amazing! I have the peppermint one and the flavour and scent is really nice, not over powering at all. I cannot say enough good things about these lip balms. I can't wait to try the other flavours xx

Worst mascara I have ever tried

I bought this on a whim hoping it would work well and give my lashes a little boost.... Okay first of all I bought Blackest Black.... It's honestly grey! Not even dark brown or almost black.. No... And it didn't give my lashes any volume or length.. I was very dissapointed with L'Oreal on this mascara. I love Voluminous Carbon Black and was hoping this would be just as nice... Wrong! Two thumbs waaaaaay down for this. Would not recommend this to anyone.

New Holy Grail Concealer

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I first bought this but as soon as i tried it I was absolutely blown away. The tiniest amount hid my dark circles, and any blemishes I have. I definitely was not expecting it to be that amazing.. It is quite thick but it works wonders. I dont really use the little pencil though. It is an amazing concealer that is highly comparable to department store brands but it is a fraction of the cost! I love it. Comes in light, medium and dark.

Amazing quality, great price

I really love this palette. The quality of the shadows actually was surprising. I love to use this palette for my really bright and fun looks. I will admit however that some of the lighter shadows can be a little bit chalky, but nothing that can't be worked with. These palettes are great for freelance work, they fit nicely in a train case and they are super affordable. I cannot wait to get more of these palettes. They are totally AMAZE!


This is a really awesome scrub and it is super affordable. I really like the Blemish and Blackhead Control formula, it really helps. I admit it is a bit rough so a light hand is most definitely important. I've been using the original apricot scrub for years but this new formula is wonderful. I also really like the sensitive skin formula. It has a lovely light scent and leaves my skin feeling really soft. OH! And its also amazing as a lip scrub

Best Lip Colour Ever!

I cannot say enough about this lip colour! I am very into the whole vintage glam style with a nice winged eyeliner and a bold lip but I was getting tired of wearing just red. I bought this lipstick while I was on holiday in England and I fell inlove. It is a perfect bright pink lipstick but its not so bright that its overpowering. It is beautiful. It is very smooth and moisturizing and it lasts literally for hours. I can't wait to go buy more.

Great coverage, great colour match

I was actually quite shocked at how light i was ha ha! But it matched so perfect i was speechless. I love this foundation so much and I am so pleased that I finally purchased it. It offers excellent coverage and with a good primer it looks really fabulous. I know some people complain that it causes them to break out but I havent had any issues with that.

Too Dry and Hard to Blend

I found this concealer to be very dry and difficult to blend and when I tried to use it under my eyes it caked up and was really disgusting. I love NYX, I just really do not like this concealer :(

Pretty Decent

I really like the formula of the concealer.. My only issue with it is that i dont feel there was enough product for the price.. I dont use the highlight and I was scraping the edges for about a week until I caved and bought a new concealer. I bought the other maybelline concealer that is the same price as this one without the highlight and it is pretty much identical formula, theres just more in it.

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