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Cystic Inflammatory Breakouts GALORE

I hate leaving bad reviews, I really do, so I'm sorry for the negativity. I am a huge advocate for hyaluronic acid products, and when this came out, I was all over it like a bee buzzing around a honey comb, but this disappointed me in ways I cannot describe. Not only did this not many any difference to my hydration levels, but because of the Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid Crosspolymers, I experienced a pretty bad cystic inflammatory breakout after I started using this product. It created tons of inflammation in my skin and I was back to getting the good ol hard cystic marbles under my skin that hurt like absolute hell (anyone with cystic acne knows the deep pain I'm talking about). I am a very experienced user of HA products and have never had such a bad reaction in my life.

If you are sensitive and/or have very inflammation prone skin, please be VERY careful.


This foundation is spectacular for the price! It looks lovely on the skin and I love that it's got coverage, but is still gentle on the skin making it perfect for every day use. It blends beautifully, the colour selection is fantastic and the packaging is sturdy. I use 1.0NS in Summer, and 1.0N in Winter and they're perfect matches for my skin tone. I will choose this over some of my higher end foundations if I need something quick, easy and flawless. It's not quite full coverage, but it is buildable without looking cakey, something I really appreciate. It also photographs really nicely, which again is another point in my book, especially if you're working around flash photography.

Best BB Cushion on the market

This BB cushion is the stuff of dreams. It makes your skin look super fresh and glowy. I love it for everyday wear, and this product allows me to apply my sunscreen every 2 hours like you're supposed to! The only thing I find is if I don't clean the puff every week or so I notice this product breaks me out. I will totally put up with that if it means I can have this product, so I don't mind at all. I'm Canadian so I have to get mine through a friend, but hopefully I can actually order it and have it ship to Canada because I'm on my last refill :(

I tried. I really really tried.

I love eastern skincare brands and I was so excited to try this product out, but I noticed this did break me out. Now, granted, I'm not sure if it's a purge breakout or if it just didn't agree with my skin, but I purchased this with very high hopes. I have other Sulwhasoo products that I love so dearly, but for some reason, this one just missed the mark for me.

Holy Grail Powder

This is my ultimate holy grail finishing powder. Not only does it provide the most beautiful airbrushed finish, but it noticeably minimizes the appearance of pores, and the colour is a perfect match for me. I will actually use an entire one of these up on my own and use it every day. I love to use it to set my undereye concealer and foundation, and also love it just on its own if I need to soften any oily areas on my skin for errands and such. Non cakey, doesn't oxidize and leaves a FLAWLESS finish. 10/10. I will not stop buying this product.

Best Glitter I've Tired! Must Have!

Currently, I've got 4 glitters from Lit and I'm extremely satisfied! They are comfortable to wear, beautiful range of colours and a very fair price for the high quality. The company is also run by the kindest people I've ever met in the cosmetics industry- they truly care about their customers and the artistry and for that I will forever respect them.

Beautiful Brush, But Dupe-able

Don't get me wrong, I love Chanel. This brush is soft, applies product flawlessly, and cleans up like a dream, but there are other brands that offer the same brush with the same qualities. The quality is fantastic, but not any different to what I could purchase from MAC. With all that being said, though, it's a beautiful brush and an essential in your makeup kit.

Holy Grail Mascara

This mascara is honestly the best I've tried! I keep coming back to it, tube after tube. It not only gives spectacular volume, but it also gives amazing length and separation. No smudging, flaking or transfer after it has dried, and the applicator isn't too stiff. I personally think it's worth the extra cost, and would recommend it to anyone looking for an amazing mascara. Plus, it's Chanel (a brand I have a soft spot for), so it's extra chic!

Zero Complaints and Very Impressed

For reference, I have combo oily, acne prone skin. This product is absolutely beautiful! I was really hesitant at first, but once I tried it I haven't been able to give it up. It works as a sheer powder foundation when used with a kabuki brush, a light setting powder when used with a big fluffy brush, or (if you purchase a deep enough shade) a stunning contour powder that isn't too warm. It doesn't break me out, and leaves my skin looking smooth, but not too matte or dry. Considering it has SPF15, I don't notice any oxidizing on my skin, and can put it over top of any foundation or tinted moisturizer without problems. I'm on my third repurchase of this product, and I absolutely believe it's worth every penny.

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Best Full Coverage Matte Powder Foundation

Let me start by saying, I thought I would hate this foundation. I thought it would look cakey, break me out and turn into a mess on my face. I was so wrong! Considering I have oily combo skin and this is a full coverage powder, I experienced no caking or creasing and it left my skin looking poreless and soft. I love this powder for summertime use when I literally have 5 minutes to get ready and run out the door. I have sensitive skin and it didn't upset it, nor did it break me out. I find it's slightly drying in the winter, though, but other than that, it's very silky and makes the skin look beautiful. The only warning I have is to ditch the sponge. The older, oxidized powder left on the sponge will alter the colour of the fresh powder you're applying. If you're insistent on using a sponge, either clean it daily, or use disposable ones. My personal application preference is with a kabuki brush or a very dense powder brush.

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