The Ordinary.

Coverage Foundation


Janelle M.
Finally a shade that matches

I have always had difficulty finding a foundation that matches my skin and undertones and this is perfect for all of the pale ladies out there. It doesn't oxidize and works well with primers. I have pigmentation and freckles, this covers it all up. Also it feels like a second skin too which is important for me because alot of foundation doesn't like my skin at all. If you suffer from enlarged pores and combination skin, you will love it!

Meagan H.
Not a fan

This will be the first negative review I've ever left on any product. Because while not everything I have tried has worked for me, I understand it might work for others. However this wasn't just "not right," this was the worst foundation I have ever used.. and I am comparing to wet and wild here as well.

It started out looking full coverage, but very oily and slick. I tried patting it in more and more, using a beauty blender to soak up the excess, ans eventually putting the slightest dusting of translucent powder on it (note: this was tarte's amazonion clay powder and it works wonders on the oily sections of my combination skin without ever drying or caking.) Within twn minutes i noticed the foundation had dried and caked, seeped into every fine line and pore, migrated under my eyes and formed creases, and crusted over the acne I have on my chin. Then within 3 hours, the coverage was gone and all that was left were creases and cake dry patches.

So over the last few weeks, I have tried everything I can to make this formula work for me. Beauty blender, different brushes, fingertip application. 4 different primers, and adding an extra dose of hydrating serum to the dry patches it was clinging to. Mixed it with a serum foundation that i rarely use because it's too dewy (goldilocks, right? Woes of combination skin).

I so badly wanted to love this, and wanted to have found my ride or die affordable foundation. But this has so many problems that effected both my oily and dry spots, I see no way now for it to redeem itself in my eyes. Spending the extra buck (or 50) on high end foundation is worth it though, considering the rest of The Ordinary's line is stellar and I'm saving so much on my skincare products.

Honest review from a diehard The Ordinary fan.

Side note: I also tried their silicone primer, and it made things worse.

Nicole A.

I have both this and the serum foundation in the lightest shades, and you can tell the formula difference as well as the coverage difference. I really enjoy the skin like effect it gives on the skin, but I wouldn't wear it without some sort of pore filling primer. I use Laura Gellar Spackle, and it is all I need to have an even application. This is also great as a mix-in for my slight dark foundations.

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Mia T.
Awesome!! Prevents oil!!!
Photo of product included with review by Mia T.

This is foundation heaven in a bottle!!! I love the way I didn't even have to use concealer for the coverage is great enough that you really don't need it, but yet it's not thick or cakey either. And only a little bit will cover your whole face! I'm gonna be stocking up in my shade of paler than white...well, almost. 1.0NS just in case it ever goes out of stock. Yup that is the shade that I'm wearing and it's perfect for me!!!

Mia T.
Awesome!! Prevents oil!!!
Photo of product included with review by Mia T.

This stuff is truly amazing in that I am usually an oil slick within 2 hours of using any other foundation ( Chanel, Tarte, Urban Decay, Sephora) but here I am 6 hours later not having had to touch up my foundation, except for my setting powder and setting spray when I was done with my makeup. It's truly amazing!!

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Anne S.
I'm not liking this foundation

I tried sponging it on with and without primer, and applying with my favorite brush, with and without primer, and it starts to settle in very fine lines and then goop up on my face. I have sensitive skin that is normally dry, but I've been able to keep it hydrated, and have current acne problems that I haven't had since my 20s (15 years ago...) if that helps anyone. The 1.0NS color works on my very fair skin, but nowhere do I see shimmer in this color as it states. It's pretty matte and uniform to start, and then hours later it looks oily, and I don't have oily skin at all. I think I'll stick to my current favorite: Wet N Wild's PhotoFocus Foundation. It stays on over 12 hours with just Milani's Make it Last Primer and Setting Spray and a setting powder.. Plus it looks flawless and the coverage is better.

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Sara A.
Very good skin tone match but...

I mixed it with 1.1 NS and it was still too light for my taste. The coverage was pretty awesome especially for the price

Sarah S.

This foundation is spectacular for the price! It looks lovely on the skin and I love that it's got coverage, but is still gentle on the skin making it perfect for every day use. It blends beautifully, the colour selection is fantastic and the packaging is sturdy. I use 1.0NS in Summer, and 1.0N in Winter and they're perfect matches for my skin tone. I will choose this over some of my higher end foundations if I need something quick, easy and flawless. It's not quite full coverage, but it is buildable without looking cakey, something I really appreciate. It also photographs really nicely, which again is another point in my book, especially if you're working around flash photography.

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