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Molly G.
Great Affordable Foundation - No Skin Irritation, Great Color Range
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I normally can't use drugstore foundations, not because I'm snobby in any way, but because they always caused major skin irritation. The Ordinary full coverage foundation is so gentle on my skin. I am SO pleasantly surprised by how gentle and non-pore clogging their formula is.

I apply directly after moisturizer (and sometimes primer) to get more of a light-medium coverage. Whenever I do this, I always get asked if I'm wearing anything on my skin and what it is. This foundation has a great natural skin finish that you don't typically get with a medium to full coverage foundation.

The only downside for me was that some shades did oxidize (I tried a bunch) and that by the afternoon I would get a slightly dewy/greasy look vs my Tarte or Armani foundations. But the fact that a $7 foundation can compete with my $40-$65 foundations is awesome! I do need to try a matte formula primer or lotion underneath this foundation to see if there is any difference.

This has become my go-to foundation for days I'm just out running a quick errand etc. I love that it doesn't clog my pores and keeps my skin calm. This is a great product!

Also, don't let the coconut alkines in the formula scare you. It's very different than coconut oil, which can cause skin irritation. I have had no skin problems from the ingredients at all.

Here is the video if you need help finding your shade!

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Patricia L.
Best Ever
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I have experimented with a lot of Coverage Foundations...I am 69 years Young and need Coverage, without a Heavy Cakey effect on my Face...Believe that the Price does not Reflect the Quality of the Ordinary Foundation... This is a Highly pigmented even smooth coverage that lasts.. This Shade is light to exactly match my skin and it gives me a Flawless face...

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Brenda E.
Amazing !

First time purchasing from Beautylish and I’m impressed , their packaging is to another level . I received a great personalized package , great attention to detail .

And first time trying The Ordinary Foundation , Wow the color was th perfect shade , I’m Latina with an Olive complexion and this was perfect , I’m usually a NC20 for reference . Great coverage no fragrance , Aleluya !

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Dawn R.

I ordered the 3.2N coverage foundation. It is just amazing. It covered up my dark spots completely without concealer. I have a rich brown complexion, with mostly yellow undertones. The foundation made my face look airbrushed. I had so many failed attempts at finding the right foundation. Finally, I found the perfect match!

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Annette M.
Not for very oily skin

I was excited to try this product, as my skincare regimen consists primarily of products by The Ordinary, and not having blemishes, I was looking forward to the possibility of wearing a lighter feeling foundation. I purchased shades 1.1N and 1.2N.

Unfortunately, from the moment of application, this foundation looked blotchy and oily on my chin, cheeks, nose, and forehead - everywhere I have oily skin. I applied the foundation using different modes of application, thinking perhaps it was simply incompatible with the foundation brush I use (Bobbi Brown), so I also tried my BeautyBlender, and my fingers. The result was still a slick mess. I tried both the 1.1N and 1.2N, again - same result. I initially used The Ordinary's own silicone primer, since I expected it to have the greatest compatibility. I subsequently attempted application over different sections of my face, using different primers - Hourglass's Veil, Cover FX, and Smashbox Photo Finish (my staples for long-wearing hold on foundation) - and the result was still awful. The foundation was uneven and refused to fill my pores, and instead gathered around them, accentuating them. I tried everything, but could not get the foundation to make my face look like anything other than a blotchy oil slick. My skin looked far better bare!

I also noticed that, after application, the foundation looked more yellow-orange because the product had oxidized. It also did not layer/correct well. If you attempt to fix it with powder or to apply a second layer of product, it just cakes.

For the record, I can apply my Estee Lauder Doublewear Light, Armani Luminous Silk, MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Chanel Teint Lumiere, Clinique, Tarte BB, and La Roche-Posay BB creams with my fingers and still get a flawless finish over any one of my silicone or non-silicone primers. They also all set well with loose powder (Laura Mercier).

What the foundation did work well on was the skin on my neck and jawline near my ears. However, even there I found it to be highly transferrable.

I think this product does genuinely work well for people with largely flawless, drier skin. The coverage is light to medium (neck test), definitely not full coverage or even a strong medium. If you have very oily skin, it is highly unlikely to apply properly, let alone stay on your skin. It's disappointing, but at least the product was not at all expensive.

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Goldie Ann H.
Better than I expected!

It’s like $7 so I didn’t expect much but tbh I was just being cheap and I also heard rave reviews from a YouTube guru. Well I’m pleasantly surprised at how smooth it goes onto my skin! I was afraid it was gonna be too light but the shade is PERFECT and that alone got me stoked. After applying and letting it sit for a while I didn’t turn into an Oompa Loompa! The coverage is mega amazing and that’s even without primer and concealer so I can just imagine it WITH! I’ll definitely be buying this product again when I’m out. My ONLY complaint is I WISH IT WAS BIGGER bc I’m greedy.

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Toni H.
Great Foundation----The best I have EVER used

I am not by any means a makeup expert, by no stretch of the imagination. A friend recommended I try this brand after I inquired about a good fit that would not leave me looking like a "young" girl who is well done up each day. This foundation does everything it says it will and then more. The match is so perfect I cannot begin to explain the rightness. No yellow undertone, no cracking, no reaction from my over sensitive skin and it does not rub off on your clothes AND the best part you need a small little drop to fully cover your face. Best foundation I have ever used.

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Zoe K.
Great medium coverage foundation

This foundation is such a steal and really does work. I tend to wear foundation only one or twice a week for work, where I need it to last 12+ hours and not be a cakey mask as I work with children. I was previously using Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation which is excellent but pricey and have now replaced this product with this foundation. I don't find it to be full coverage, more medium coverage, but that's okay as this is the level of coverage I want.

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Hard pass

Don’t bother, it doesn’t cover anything. I tried it with 3 different primers including the one by The Ordinary. Greasy and can’t set without it looking cakey.

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Sara C.
Great coverage for a great price

Immediately fell in love with the way it felt on my face. Soft and smooth with an amazing matte finish. Lasts all day in all weather. For the price, it is a steal.

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