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Natasha Denona

Eyeshadow Palette 5 Holiday Edition


Mengying Z.
So beautiful
Mengying Z.'s Review Image

High quality, easy to blend. The ice blue is sooooo beautiful. You can use these colour for not only dramatic look, but also normal day to day look. The matte colour 142CM looks very common on arm swatch, but on eyes, it blends so beautifully.

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Ann W.
You need this in your life time
Ann W.'s Review Image

No words. Just stunning!! The colors are so pigmented. How beautiful is the ice blue. Can’t love more.

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Sbfox C.
Beautiful water sparkling
Sbfox C.'s Review Image

It's so stunning sparkling and beautiful 💎Happy with it, the most beautiful blue shadow I've ever seen. New packaging outside is soooo gorgeous much better than old ones.

However, the other sparkling shadows are not easy to pickup with brush, hard to get. In my swatch picture you can see the first right peachy color not showing well, I tried very hard to get more product. AND it's pen is moving while I touch it, not glued very well.

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Monique H.
Mesmerizing Shades
Monique H.'s Review Image

ND shadows are one of my favorites, the formula is exceptional. I adore this palette, these shades are mesmerizing, pigmented, easy to blend and remains true to color throughout the day. I was drawn in to purchase this palette because of the shade Icy Blue which is exceptionally beautiful. If you're looking for a unique eyeshadow palette with stunning shades that sparkles brilliantly, you should definitely consider picking this up.

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Larissa H.
THAT Icy Blue!
Larissa H.'s Review Image

Ooooooh! AHHHHH! Oh my goodness, Aeris is an object of beauty and desire. Icy Blue has to be the most stunning, sparkling shade of blue I've ever come across. It really makes your eyes look so alluring. Natasha is really at the top of her game with the new cream powder formula - they are a dream to apply and blend. Burnt Terracotta is another favourite and is so easy to blend out. Wear time is exceptional - 9 hours later and Icy Blue was still blue and sparkling. The gold packaging is lovely and I hope its here to stay. As this is limited edition I am very tempted to buy a back up, unless Natasha decides to release Icy Blue as a single shadow (please do!).

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Mikaela  L.

I really do not understand the hype with these palettes. I own all of the Natasha Denona 5 pan palettes and I love love them! This one however was extremely underwhelming. The red shade is dry and almost useable. The last shade is also incredibly dry, also hard to use with a brush or finger. I dont get it !!

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Judith T.
Stunning mini palette

This was my second ever Natasha Denona purchase and I wish I could tell you that I didn't just buy it for the blue... but I did! Aeris is a beautiful addition to my collection and the shadows themselves are brilliant, the matt shade is a burnt orange and works so well as a base and crease colour, it blends really nicely. The amazing blue is so soft but applies really well without the kind of fallout or flaking you get from similar shades, it also stays on the eyes all day and doesn't budge - I can wear it for 12+ hours and it doesn't move or lose it's vibrancy. The other shades are equally good quality, I consider this to be a good investment as it's so versatile and such good quality

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LeeAnn K.
Arrived Broken
LeeAnn K.'s Review Image

I don't really know how to review this, because three of the five shadows were loose in the pans when I received it. All three ended up falling out. The colors themselves are REALLY gorgeous & I wanted to love it! All are very high quality, with the exception of Red Bronze - it was difficult to pick up a lot of pigment on a brush. Also, the packaging is fantastic. If I knew that I just had a fluke palette, I'd highly recommend it, but I've seen reviews of other people having this issue. I'm not sure if it's an issue with the new formula or not, but it's pretty disappointing.

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Ruoqiu L.

buy this one!just buy and u’ll be surprised how beautiful and amazing this palette is!I have to say that this palette is my favorite!Especially for “ice blue”,this color is so unique and irreplaceable!

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Marie-Stacey H.
Love 💗

This is the second 5 pan palette I have purchased from Natasha Denona. I am completely blown away. I am obsessed with ththis burnt orange shade in the center. It’s soft and creamy and picks up just the right amount of product. I pair with peach bronze (the one on the far right). It gives off that “wet” look I am so into right now. I hope Natasha resleases more palettes with this formula in the future or I individual shades. I was lucky to not have any issues with my palette, but I hope that this issue with the pans falling out gets corrected.

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