Anna Sui Volume Film Mascara product smear.

Anna Sui

Volume Film Mascara


Film-type mascara adds volume with just one stroke!

A highly clinging polymer coats each lash completely to achieve voluminous and impossibly long lashes in one coat! Adding flexible wax to the amino acids ensures lashes with thick roots and fine tips that are beautifully separated, thick, and clump-free even with multiple layering.

The shade "Anna Black" accentuates eyes deeply, creating thick, jet-black lashes. One of the polymers forms a strong membrane that repels moisture, perspiration, and sebum to ensure that the beautiful finish lasts all day long. Two kinds of polymer are used and both can be softened with warm water so the mascara has amazing staying power but when you’re ready to take it off, it can be easily removed with warm water.

0.21 oz