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Loose Powder Case

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Anna Sui Loose Powder Case

Anna Sui

Loose Powder Case

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Cecilia S.
Seamless to use and eye catching

I love love love this! I have been using an old container for my loose power. I’m so happy I stumble on this beautiful container. It’s so perfect with my other products I use. It makes my vanity look fabulous! I would post a picture but my vanity is a bit messy at this time.

Angela X.
Cute as I thought :) Love it!!!

Wanted for 2 years and finally made the decision to buy it. Very cute, it would be a nice decoration for the dresser.

Lisa  M.
Anna Sui loose powder case is adorable.

I just love this powder case. It reminds me of Cinderellas Coach. I bought two of the cases. One to use the other one for later. It will make a great jewelry box also.

Tabitha T.

It’s absolutely beautiful and bigger than I expected it to be. I couldn’t be happier with it. Anna Sui makes the most gorgeous cosmetics. It came carefully wrapped and I got a nice sized free sample of some dry shampoo. I wish I had found Beautylish sooner but I’m glad I have now. Thanks, Beautylish!

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Marshall C.
Sustainable Beauty
Photo of product included with review by Marshall C.

The lavender powder is a dream- perfect for fair to light skin and it has a light but very lovely fragrance that dissipates with wear. After buying the full size I knew this was my new go-to powder and quickly grabbed the travel-size. Anna Sui cosmetics are packaged like none other on the market currently and the refillable products are not only sustainable but of beautiful quality.

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Kathleen K.
great idea

This powder case has a lovely design. It matches my style perfectly. However, it is straight plastic. The photos looked like ceramic but it's plastic. I feel it's a bit pricey for just being plastic

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Marie W.
Super cute🖤

This is a must if you love gothic/ Victorian things. It is a great size and It holds my MAC powder foundation compact perfectly and looks beautiful on my vanity. 🖤🌹

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Jennifer F.
It's so CUTE!!

I love it so much! It holds my Jeffree Star loose powder perfectly and it includes a powder puff so I can use either it or a brush. There's no muss, no fuss, and it's such a joy to use! And the detailing is absolutely darling!

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Janee L.

I love this powder case, its so cute, fist on my vanity so good, just wish it was a stronger case. Love the color.

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Elizabeth H.
Vintage and cute

I love the beautiful vintage vibe. Super cute. It holds a good amount of powder too. I love the box it came it. Its flowery and unique. If you love vintage aesthetics, Victorian style or simply want a good powder case...I recommend this.

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