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Anna Sui Hair Brush

Anna Sui

Hair Brush

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Loose Powder Case

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Anna Sui Beauty Box A

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Beauty Box A

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ruth f.

This brush is a miracle, it makes it extremely shiny, soft and in my opinion beautiful. I def. recommend this brush to everyone who is looking for a miracle or simply anyone who wan...

P V.
The whole family loves it!

I got this brush as a Christmas gift and I love it because it gets all my knots and tangles out without pain and makes my hair so soft! My husband has long hair and so does my daughter and they always reach for this brush to use so much and never help clean it that I had to buy another one for myself.

Ronnie R.

I read reviews and researched before taking the plunge and buying this brush. I have high quality tape-in extensions just for more fullness and was looking for the perfect brush. I LOVE this brush, it works like magic. It is both beautiful and works like no other brush I have used thus far. It does not just feel like I am brushing the top layer, it brushes every layer without snagging or pulling. I really just don't think there is another brush like it.

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Nick S.
Love This!

This brush is amazing! It is perfect for my straight hair. It leaves the hair extremely shiny! I am picking some up for all of my friends!

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Blanca V.

I really do LOVE this brush. I don't have much hair and currently my hair is falling off due to breast feeding. I have been recommended to be gentle to my hair & brush lightly. Preferably with a fine comb brush. BUT this brush is not only gentle, it doesn't tug on my head & it de-tangles like a charm. PLUS it it very very well made. its a very light brush & it bets my wet brush. My kids LOVE it. If my brush goes missing i know who took it. Will be buying another one.

Melanie C.

Apparently you can and it happened to me! Yes, me! Let me preface this with I ABSOLUTELY HATE BRUSHING MY HAIR. I keep my hair very 80's hair metal, teased sky high and as big as can be, a nest without the birds in it, a place to keep all my secrets within. I myself own a round brush with boar bristles that is, you know, it's fine and all and did the job but I never really understood the importance of brushing my hair. In all honesty, I brush just the top of my hair, thus letting it tangle halfway down and every once in a while I will sit and fully brush all the knots out of my hair (an incredible ordeal in it self and an event). It combs it okay, enough where its kind of smooth on top but it's not great. As you can imagine, I have hair that tends to make it's own dreads. Gross, I know. All because I detest brushing my hair.

I've been intrigued by the Anna Sui brush for quite a while, as my colleagues who own it both said it was one of the best brushes they ever used. I haven't used a paddle brush since high school. I finally got around to ordering it and I had no idea that I could actually enjoy brushing my hair!! I like the idea of the two nylon bristles. One type is a little bit taller than the other ones and really helps to massage the scalp. The other bristle is a bit shorter and really helps to smooth out any frizz and comb through the hair. The fact that this brush is also black with that amazing Anna Sui packaging also doesn't hurt.

Now I look forward to brushing my hair and hair does feel more soft and shiny and smooth. Considering I have pretty dry hair right now (letting the bleach on one side of my head grow out), having it look nice despite the dry makes me feel great. Now I'm intrigued by the folding brush to keep in my purse....

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Echo D.

I love the style of this brush. And it actually feels and works as well as a mason Pearson. So happy with this buy!

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Tessandra R.
Didn't Live Up To Expectations

I'm so disappointed because this brush has been on my wish list for years now. I finally saved up to get it, and after hearing the reviews I couldn't wait to get it. So many reviews said it didn't tear/rip their hair and it made their hair feel soft and thick. This brush did the exact opposite for me. It tore my hair, made it staticy, and made it look dry. The only plus was that it was beautiful. Maybe I can give it as a gift. Don't buy this if you have fine/thin long hair.

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Amy Maria Y.
Replaced my Mason Pearson

Yes, I loved my Mason Pearson. It cost me a whole week of pay at some point in my life and I had it for years. However, now that my husband as been using it I needed to have my own brush back. I wanted to give Anna Sui a try since I've heard so many great things about. I must say, I love this brush way more than my MP. I find that it's gentle enough on my scalp yet distributes my natural hair oil evenly! I also have hair extensions on/off so I need to be super careful about how to brush those and the Anna Sui has proven awesome for it. It's significantly more affordable than the MP. Bonus is that it's way way prettier on your vanity. You no longer have to hide your hairbrush. I plan on getting Anna's vanity cup to store it!

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Mika H.

I ABSOLUTLY Love this Brush!!!!! I have really thick Somtimes frizzzzy hair and it gets veryyyy tangly when I get it wet and THIS BRUSH is the one and Only brush that has Everrrrr Detangled my messy hair without pulling and hurting !!!!!! This brush glides like butter n my hair and truly leaves it silky feeling !!!! It Soooo Awsome at detangling !!! This is Truly my Go to brush when I get out the Shower and Soooooooo Worth the lil extra money !!!!!!!!! Oh and Not to mention how Beautiful this brush is and like alllllll Ana Sui it Smells like Roses !!!!!

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