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ariel j.
love love love!
Photo of product included with review by ariel j.


ive tried many primers, liquid to cream. but when I recieves this I was SO suprised it was a waxy type texture! I have yet to try something like this. but let me tell you, its the best primer ive used!! first off it smells so amazing. its a very faint floral smell. also it was a decent sized jar. its a waxy texture but when you smooth it onto your face it "drys" to a very silky smooth finish. you feel so soft like a babys butt!! my pores have been very bad and when I apply my foundation it would make them even more noticeable. when I use this (even before my foundation) they were 90% gone! so my foundation just easy hid them. overall I highly recommend trying this! and ill be repurchasing. :) oh and did I mention super cute packaging like always!

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t r.
BEST primer...

i love the waxy texture---but as soon as you heat it up with your fingers, it melts beautifully on your face…then your face is smooth…and perfect for application of your foundation. this product will only clump if applied with a brush and not warmed up prior to use. i know, fingers---right? but its the best tool and if you want, you can always buy "beautysoclean" to disinfect it after every use.

thank you beautylish for making this available!!1 anna sui products are difficult to find, and your selection (& free shipping after $35, is awesome!!). I get my products so fast.

and the notes, they are so wonderful, very personalized. grateful!

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Shawna T.
Please restock!!!

Obsessed!! This primer is amazing for my large pores on my cheeks and I can't live without it now that I've found it! It just makes such a difference and trust me, I've tried EVERYTHING! Basically, I use whatever primer I feel like for the current mood/foundation I'm wearing, then add this stuff where my "problem areas" are with my pores/texture issues and it just blurs everything beautifully! It lasts a long time when used this way and so the price is totally worth it, IMO. I don't know why anyone would use it all over bc it's meant for troublesome pore areas anyway. Also, this is just a tip but make sure you grab how much you need and close the jar tightly right away every time when you are finished. I've noticed that if it's overly exposed to air, it will stop smoothing on to the skin as nicely after awhile. It will kinda want to "pill" up a bit and not stick to your skin as well. Hope this helps! I'm actually running low and have been for a little while and I keep checking and you guys have had this out of stock for awhile and I need it!! So please restock Beautylish!!! Thank you!!! :)

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Feroza A.
The most amazing product on the market!

I simply adore this product!! Having a few icepick scars, larger pores, and generally not what I perceive to be enviable skin, this little miracle jar enables me to look flawless in minutes. It's a fairly solid, silicon, perhaps wax like texture than seamlessly blends over your troubled areas, and gives a perfect canvas for your foundation, tinted moisturizer, or just powder. A little goes a long way, and it's well priced at $25.00, I've been using it for at least 4 months and I think my one pot will last about a year, so fantastic value for your dollar. Smells beautiful too. You will not be disappointed, I've used Dr. Brant and Make Up Forever, and this is in my opinion, the superior product for a smoothing, perfecting primer. A total must have!

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Laura S.

This is the best primer I have yet to use, makes my skin so soft and smooth, can't even see my pores. It smells like roses as does most of Anna sui's products. I bought one then used it and immediately bought four more so I won't be running out any time soon!!! Amazing!!

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Daisy M.

This has a lovely texture... as others have said, waxy but it melts into the skin. A strong rose scent but I like traditional scented makeup and it does not last.. you won't smell like roses all day. A good amount in the jar. Lovely packaging as to expect from Anna Sui. Provides a good base, especially for liquid foundation... I find primer is not as good when paired with powder foundation with no liquid base.

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Judith H.
Best Primer I've used!

I have used a ton of different primers. I have large pores and sun damage. This primer is the absolute best!! Non-greasy and extremely effective at blurring flaws.

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Angee M.

First off I have combination skin and always have to touch up during the day along with blotting my oily spots a few times with a napkin or tissue. I usually wear a primer and a setting spray because my oily areas like to crease my makeup, so using both helps. I’ve used many primers from drug store to high end and still have yet to find the perfect one. I was using Tarte shape tape pore & prime balm and really liked the texture of the balm, so I knew when I shopped around I wanted to try another balm. I came on beautylish and just typed in “primer balm” and saw this one. Now I’ve heard of Anna Sui only from her affiliation with Coach and didn’t even know she made makeup products. I saw the reviews and made the purchase. It comes in a small container and smells like roses, but the smell fades shortly after application (thank God) and someone recommended to get a small amount (maybe half the size of a pea) and rub it between your fingers to warm it up then apply to your face as you would any primer and that works the best as far as application goes. I did try other techniques, but I feel like it didn’t work as well. Anyway The first day I used it I ended up in a hurry and forgot to spray my face with my setting spray before I left. During my lunch I went to do my usual touch up and when I looked in the mirror I was surprised, because I looked flawless! No oily spots, no creasing under my eyes, on my eyelids, Couldn’t believe it. I also looked several times throughout the day to see if I needed to blot...nope! I’ve used it now for 7 days and the result is still the same. After you apply it to your face it almost feels a little dry, but is soon as you put your foundation on it just helps it glide across your face so smoothly and it seriously keeps your makeup there all day! I haven’t even been using my settings spray (I use MAC prep & prime) but I decided I needed to use it so I could give a review as I didn’t know if the setting spray was making me more oily than normal and that’s why I was having such luck with this product. Nope, still perfect!! Sorry this is so long, but I am seriously shook! I’ve tried seriously SO many different primers and this one is it! I definitely recommend and will be buying this again! I know it’s a small container and it’s pretty pricy, but it is worth it!

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Rhonda H.
Photo of product included with review by Rhonda H.

I have large pores, as well as fine lines, and this gives me the most beautiful next to pore free, wrinkle free look I have ever had in my life!!! It's lightweight, NOT greasy, and I have oil skin and this stays put it doesn't move all over my face. This also helps fill in my fine lines!!! By far the best product I have tried that helps with both my fine lines and large pores. I attached a close up picture with absolutely no filter.

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Makeup A.

Omg I am so happy that I found this primer. At first I was taken back for how small it was, but after using it for the first time I realize this is one of those, a little goes a long way type of products. To get the best results I find that, if I melt it into between my fingers and then rub it onto my cheeks, which is where my pores are a little more visible than I would prefer then this covers my pores very well. I like to rub it in really well and then just allow it to sit on my face for about five minutes before I apply foundation or another primer. It leaves my face looking and feeling so smooth and a nice natural matte finish.

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