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Kathleen K.
great idea

This tray has a lovely design. It matches my style perfectly. However, it is straight plastic. The photos looked like ceramic but it's plastic. I feel it's a bit pricey for just being plastic

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Indigo T.
Cute Storage Tray

I have a couple of these and they look great for storing things and keeping my dressing table tidy. Anna Sui always looks classy and I love the black glossy look.

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Naomi C.
perfect vanity tray

I bought this alone with the box for my future vanity. I love the look of it its not huge, but a nice sized tray for some more everyday items or even that collection of special occasions lipsticks, perfume or eyeshadow.

This just has so many things that can be used for and like the box has a beautiful design that is just lovely.

I can not wait until its on my vanity!

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