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Feb 05, 2012

Courtney Z.

Thanks for following! :) 

Jan 14, 2012

DMindnisha R.

I just followed you on twitter and on here as well <3 you're beautiful....

Jan 17, 2012


Thank you so much doll! (: I'm glad you are! I'll be following back!
Keep in touch!

Anyone who 'follows' me on Twitter @ROTHtweets &&& lets me know they did here on my profile, I will 'follow' back on Twitter!!! <3333 Love socializing with all you beauties!!

I still see so many girls doing the top knot hair trend, and so many I see are doing it wrong!! It's not supposed to look like you rolled out of bed with your hair like that, or you about to "wash your face" like I've heard guy call that hair-do!! Seeing so many damsels in distress with their tresses pulled me finally write a blog post about it
I can't bare to see one more girl with a sloppy & floppy "about to wash my face" "top knot". Yes it's a casual carefree/effortless look & all, but theres a fine line...The ladies in the photos above did well. On my post I include many more photos of celebs showing you the DO's & DON'Ts. This hair style will continue on through Spring coming soon & Summer, so let's get it right! (: <3

Dec 05, 2011

Naila C.

Hey love! Thanks for the follow! I will certainly check out your blog.

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HELLO BEAUTIES & FASHIONISTAS!!! So glad to have discovered this terrific website Beautylish! Got to attend Beautylish's 1st ever Beauty Social in Santa Monica last weekend, which was a blast!

Okay, so a little bit about me?? I'm a college student, blogger, stylist, fashion intern (for 2 companies I cannot mention here unfortunately), makeup enthusiast, & fashion designer -- an entrepreneur at heart. On a more personal level, I love Jesus with all my heart, & I give Him all the credit for where I am today.

Outer beauty is fantastic, but also having inner beauty is the complete package <3

I love meeting new people, socializing, & giving beauty/style advice! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have! (:

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Medium
Undertone: Warm
Skin Type: Combination
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Texture: Normal
Birthday: December 24


If you're a company & you'd like me to do an honest review about your product, please EMAIL me at: RUNWAYORTHEHIGHWAY@YMAIL.COM
** If you can, please send me a message on Twitter @ROTHtweets if you email me... that'd be greatly appreciated, that way I'll know you're legit because I've been receiving a lot of spam. Thank You!!

Beauties out there! <3
If you'd like me to do a video review or a blog post review about a product in particular - i'm interested in anything and everything related to makeup or fashion, please don't be shy, let me know! Send me a cmmt! (:

*Follow me on Twitter! Say hello! http://twitter/ROTHtweets

*Check out my website for posts on beauty, fashion, health, && maybe a few extras!

&& my other blog ROTH [PHASE2] for shorter posts, exclusives, & sometimes random-ness!!

JUST GOT AN INSTAGRAM! @ officialrunwayorthehighway

& also gonna be starting up again with my YouTube Channel (BEEUTYANDTHEBLOG):




The #1 more FAQ I get is, "What ethnicity are you??"
I'm a mixed mutt! Like to keep people guessing. (;