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Not the best out there by Revlon. This is an older product but much too sticky for my liking. Colors are very pigmented though, only upside. However wouldn't purchase again.


Did not like the strong chemical smell from this product. Returned. Beautiful colors but it was as if I was pouring hazardous-ness on my lips, and come on, nobody wants to smell or taste that icky chemical stuff.

Review for Wet n Wild Matte Top Coat $0.99

Haven't tried the Elf matte coat but I have the equivalent of drug store brand -- Wet n Wild. 5/5 for that brand, worked like a charm! And only 99 cents!!

Glossy and dry

A great product, worth the price for a clear top coat. Makes my polish super shiny and glossy, also gel-looking. Also dries the polish faster than a regular top coat.

Fave Go-To Of All Time

This is just as my title says: my fave go-to of all time lipstick everrrrrr!!! Will keep purchasing this baby over and over bc it's my perfect nude lip color, matches perfectly to my lip color and adds such a sophisticated touch to my makeup look, whether I'm going for a daytime natural look, or an office low key makeup-ey look. Wore this countless times working at my retail job at a high end store.


Not only is this great b/c its by CND, but it's a really fun touch to add to any nail polish color. The color is different on different polish colors so it's always kind of a surprise! (: Did I mention its by CND?! That means its great quality, long lasting, and simply amazing (:

Pillar Box Red

I got this product for free from a natural/organics boutique in the color Pillar Box Red. I absolutely loved it. It seriously the perfect color red for your nails. It's a true vibrant red. Applies very easily flawlessly, and lasts. I gave this product 5 stars b/c I think it deserves 5 stars, however the only negative thought about this product would be that I noticed I'd leave red marks on paper if my nail rubbed against a surface, leaving a red colored pencil look on the paper or book I'd be reading for some reason. I don't know if its the top coat I used that wasn't Butter London, or if the color red in general tends to do that, since it;s happened with another red nail polish I used too?? I'm not sure. However I do like Butter London. I think I'll have to purchase one of their top coats next time.

Worth it!

I really like this product! Currently own & use it, never used it before, but I may buy again. The only reason I say may, is b/c it can be a bit pricey & on the high-end side, but still I think it's worth it. Mine didn't come in a red pen, mine actually came in a gold one, looks very very similar to the YSL one. I've tried YSL but they didn't have my color & Clarins in No.02 was perfect for me. I'm a full-time college student and for me this lasts all day running from class to class. Does a great job keeping me looking alive & awake but not at all fake (: it's sheer enough for light coverage yet moderate enough to do its job. I didn't get any creasing throughout the day. All I do is 2 clicks and dot under my eyes and in the inner corners of my eyes, with my ring finger blend in a motion where I kind of roll my ring finger to blend, very lightly though all the way across. Then presto!! Good to go! (:

Lady In Red

Happy Monday Beauties!! If anytime were the best time to strut red lips, now is definitely the time. Everyone, I mean everyone, looks stunning in red lipstick. There are two key things you’ll need to take into consideration when finding the prefect red lipstick for you — (1) your skin’s undertone, and (2) the lipstick’s undertone. According to makeup artists & makeup producers, there are two main colors of red undertones in lipsticks: orange based reds & blue based reds. I know red can be a little scary at first, simply based on the fact that red is such a vibrant & attention grabbing color… but don’t be scared to try it out! You’ll be surprised at how good you’ll look & feel once you find the perfect shade!

Read more about it on my main blog!! <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a> XOXO,STEFY

Better than I thought, but ok

Decided to buy and give this mascara a chance after hearing so much about it. I didn&#39;t expect it to be all that great, which is why I didn&#39;t buy it as soon as it came out, but must say it does a pretty good job. It does give my lashes more length, but not as much volume as other drugstore brand mascaras I normally opt for. Could&#39;ve done w/o the fragrance, and the &#34;unique wand&#34; that doesn&#39;t really do much. Also I didn&#39;t like that a few of my lashed came off with it upon removal, which I don&#39;t normally get with the other brand I&#39;m also currently using. The &#34;false eye lash look&#34; that they so dramatically advertise wasn&#39;t the goal for me, as I pretty much had an idea that wasn&#39;t going to happen, so for a decent mascara it&#39;s good, but nothing extraordinary for me. Don&#39;t get me wrong, I am a fan of Maybelline, however this isn&#39;t going to be on my top favorites list. This product does a decent job, so I&#39;m giving it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

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