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a must have

I wasn't going to buy this at first, because it didn't have the buck shade from the first pallet that works very well in my crease, but i must say i am really enjoying Naked 2. The tease shade does just as good a job in my crease as the buck and i am enjoying mixing and matching from both pallets. And they have really stepped their game up on the packaging. The case is some kind of durable tin that snaps shut, so no more fallout in my makeup bag.

One stop shop

This saved me so much time. This kit has everything I need in one box. It matches my complexion perfectly. The concealer is perfect for my brown skin. It has the yellow undertone needed to highlight the under eyes of dark skin. I also really love the twist action on the loose setting powder. Instead of trying to shake out not to little or to much in the lid i just twist and the powder comes up similiar to how a lip balm works. I just love it!

Must have!

I love love love this product. I literally grew two extra rows of eyelash hairs within the first few weeks and the eyeliner is awesome. The applicator brush makes it easy to apply a thick or thin line and it shows up bold and doesn't flake off.


I have used many different eye make-up removers and I have never used one that did not sting my eyes, not even just a little bit. This Simple eye make up remover is just as gentle as water. i will never use another brand ever again!

Just keep in mind this is not a make-up remover wipe just a cleansing

I love these facial wipes. 1 wipe gets mostly all my make-up off. They leave my face feeling refreshed and clean. I prefer my wipes chilled. I discovered this while running some errands after work on a cold day and as soon as I got in the house I cleaned my faces with a towelette and the coolness mixed with the cucumber makes my face feel really refreshed.

Being a dark skin women of color it is very difficult to find gloss that shows up, but NYX Chestnut not only shows up, it looks the same color on my lips as it does in the bottle. I Love NYX! Thanks for making high quality affordable!

I must say I am very pleased with this shadow base. In my opinion it is just as good as urban decay's, and it only cost a fraction of the urban decay price. I also love how it rubs in clear.

Major time saver

I have not worn synthetic nails in 3 yrs. The damage they caused took over to years to repair it self. I am also a Licensed Esthetician now and can not wear my nails long for client safety and sanitation reasons. I found my self having to repolish my nails every 3-4 days which was very time consuming. I have a pet peeve about ragedy finger and toe nails so once it chips it must be redone. I am on my 3rd application of shellac nail color and nothing else will ever do. I am also a Make-up Artist so my hands are constantly on display and shellac does not come off until I go to the salon to have it removed. If I break a nail I simply file the ruff edges and keep it moving along. Not to mention the added stregth to my natural nail, because of how hard shellac drys.

I feel so in luve with the way this polish appers to be glowing that, I just had to go back and get every color. The only shade that gave me some problems with color was the yellow. Look how my nails appear to glow in this photo. It does take 2-3 coats similiar to most other polish. When I purchased my bottles, each one came with a free bottle of Salley Hansen Heavy Duty Clear Top Coat which was also a plus.

I had been struggling for a while to find a toner that would be effective on my oily t-zone, but not harsh on my dry areas, as african american skin is often times oily, yet sensative. I went from Clear Skin Astringent to Sea Breeze Sensative Skin Astringent but it was also to harsh and striping my acid mantle. Instead of helping it caused even more oil secreation from my skin trying to replace it's own natural protective barrier of sweat and oil. It was then I knew a simple drug store brand would not safice. I saw an add for the Clinique 3 step line, so I went in to Macy and purchased the oily-dry clarifying Lotion. It was not until after I saw how pleased I was with the lotion that I purchased the matching cleanser. When my current face balm runs out i'll try the moisturizer as well.

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