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Best $50 ever spent!

After the birth of my now 2yr old, I had a problem with dark circles and bags under my eyes(see attached photo). I discovered this product while choosing my 3 free samples after shopping Sephora online. The product lay unused for a week or so, until one night I put it on before bed, and when I woke up, to my amazement my dark circles and bags were gone. I expected this product to provide results over time like most other products. In shock I grab the sample and read the description which stated an instant result. This product is also all natural. I imediately purchased the full product. It lasted for ever since such a small amount is needed. I have long since ran out, and my bags and circles have not returned. Hyaluronic acid from corn is the ingredient in this product to keep in eye out for in others.

Love this stuff. Found it online at Sephora in a tube. I purchaed it after looking at some photos of my self at 16 and noticing a some loss in elasticity that once was present. After the first few nights I could visually see and fell tightening in my skin. The body heals it self while sleep so this products gives it's best results if used during the night.

Great Deal

I fell in love with both DKNY Be Delicious scents when a came across fragrance samples of the two while reading a beauty magazine. I quickly found the product on Sephora, but didn't have enough money to purchase both, and that's when I saw the Duo rollerball for $20, which if i'm not mistaken was cheaper then one regular bottle. Definately money well spent!

This product dosn't work as well as Model in a bottle at controlling sweat and oil but it dosn't leave you feeling filmy like MIB. It also dosn't have the strog smell MIB has while drying.

At first I was skeptical about a matte lip gloss. But I really love this stuff. My favorite is the beige color. This gives me a perfect nuetral lip color the looks great with my milk chocolate complexion. Sometimes I put it under other gloss as a base. Other days I put shimmer gloss on top to shine it up a bit. Either way love this stuff.

The product in this kit works fine, and comes in three sahdes a light, medium and dark. The only problem is that the dark brown in the dark kit is not dark enough for my skin complexion. I would love to see this product in a black color wax and brow powder.


Model in a Bottle works better at oil and swet control then the Urban Decay Oil Control Setting Spary, however it also leaves my skin feeling as if there is a film coating it.

I love this product! It is all natural and holds no bacteria. This meens I don't have to worry about cross contamination from person to person plus the shelf life is amazing. By using this product I am also doing my part to save our planet because it is manufactured and distributed locally, rite here in Columbus, Ohio.

I love these loose glitter pigments, but they don't stay. I have tryed weting my brush with with eyeshadow setting spray but most of them still fall off. Does anyone have any tips on how to get the glitter to stay on?

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