Complexion Perfection


Katorra L.
One stop shop

This saved me so much time. This kit has everything I need in one box. It matches my complexion perfectly. The concealer is perfect for my brown skin. It has the yellow undertone needed to highlight the under eyes of dark skin. I also really love the twist action on the loose setting powder. Instead of trying to shake out not to little or to much in the lid i just twist and the powder comes up similiar to how a lip balm works. I just love it!

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Kelley F.

This is great for anyone looking to try several different Smashbox products without spending a bunch of money... Smashbox's photo finish primer is a must for all of my clients... it feels great on your skin, evens out fine lines and other imperfections, helps your makeup stay put & creates an ideal canvas for your foundation. The HD concealer is another favorite of mine... it's perfect for covering blemishes & spots, evening discoloration, & brightening the skin under & around your eyes. When concealing blemishes or spots, I use my finger to apply & dab! The HD foundation is lightweight, blends really well & has buildable coverage. I love how dewy & glowy it makes my skin look! The Halo powder is great to give your complexion a clean matte finish... I also love how you can twist the top of the container to dispense only the amount of powder you need. This kit is definitely a great find!

Lauren N.

Absolutely loveeee, I was hearing all these wonderful things about Smashbox and they were all true! It is pricey but its totally worth it! I love how the Photo finish works on my face I just use a little and a little goes a long way! The foundation and concealer cover perfectly! Highly recommend it if you have not tried it yet!

Meghan L.
Long Lasting, Feels lightweight!

I LOVE THIS! It feels like you have no makeup on. It gives you a nice clean look. It makes you look like you have absolutely NO pores. I highly recommend this product!

Kate B.
Other than the halo, super dissappointing!

I was not familiar with smashbox products until I received this kit for Christmas. I had always heard great things about the brand but this just didn't do it for me. The kit is VERY small and though I like the halo and still use the halo, everything else fell short (especially for the price!) The foundation in mine was faulty - it literally sputters out color and oil separated. It was an oily mess. And the concealer went on fine, but after an hour or two totally dried out. Finally, the primer is just eh for me. It feels nice when it goes on but I don't feel that it did what it's supposed to in terms of priming. Not my favorite!