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My brows looks fabulous thanks to this mini magic wand....I can fill them in, shape them up however I want. The key when using this products is very light strokes ;)

Amazing and you can't beat the price!

This is my go to foundation at the moment...some young people like myself get nervous when we read age defying or we don't pay it any mind rather. However, many professionals would tell you that we should start using anti-aging products as early as 25! I'm 25 soooooo I purchased it ;) Its coverage is flawless and it's very smooth! You have to try it!

Ain't no body dope as me I'm just so....

fresh and so clean!!!!!! I got it for my birthday (today) whoo hoo!!! It smells Scrumptious ! I really can't describe the smell. It's not floral, citrusy or powdery. I guess your just going to have to buy it to find out ;) this smells lasts forever!!

Holy Grail Liquid liner!

Bye bye Felt tip and hello brush....this is easy to apply (even for someone like me who has such a hard time applying liner). What I like the most is that it's really is! and the lasting power...well their line 24/7 says it all...this will stay on as long as you leave it on. it's a must have...oh and did I mention that the colors are great!!! i personally love the gold liner's great for summer ;)

Lipstick in a pencil.

I absolutely love these lipsticks (my favorite is punch drunk shown in the pic). It's a perfect combination of lipstick and lipgloss in one ;) can't go wrong with that. It has long lasting power and the best part it feels like butter on my lips ;)

The name says it all!

Finally a curler without a cage!!!! touchdown!!!! this is awesome, you can curl your lashes without getting your hairs caught in the cage or fearing to anyways. It curls your eyelashes wonderfully and you have the ability to curl the areas you want to (for those who like to curl just the ends) this is a MUST have for sure!

The eyelash version of Skin So Soft :)

My eyelashes have never felt softer! it feels like I literally used conditioner on my lashes. I have plenty of mascaras and none do the job like this one does. Lush Lash helps lengthen your lashes while it conditions them too, helping to bring back the health in your lashes. As we all know, many mascaras leave your lashes feeling dry, brittle and flaky...NOT lush lash! go ahead buy it and feel the difference...I dare you ;)

Goodbye kinky hair!!

My eyebrows grown downwards and also tend to stick out in weird areas. This gel puts those kinky little hairs in place and they won't budge either! I totally recommend this as a must have ;) (i like to use the gel along with urban decay's brow tinter/filler)

works wonderful!

My eyebrows unfortunately are thin and spacey and this brow filler works wonders on me. It fills in all the empty spaces while making my eyebrows look darker (since it's also used for tinting purposes) it lasts all day too!! this is a must have! I use it along with urban decays eyebrow gel :) (you can read my review on that product too ;)) you'll see a picture of my brows after use (i had trouble loading before pic)

All this time I was missing out!

These blushes are amazing! highly pigmented and lasts all day! I can't believe I didn't know about them sooner...I use it so much now that I can't even remember what I used before haha ;)

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